Carnegie Mellon University

Source Documentation


  • The original, supporting documentation should always be retained in the card files maintained within the department.
  • The original transaction documentation should be attached to and stored with the relevant PRC report.
  • A scanned version of all receipts should be attached within Oracle by the cardholder (or designee) for the approver’s review.

Acceptable Forms

Must include at least one of the following:

  • Invoice
  • Packing Slip with item pricing
  • Order/Confirmation Screen
  • Detailed Cash Register Receipt
  • Registration Form

Documentation Examples

For the listed transaction types, the following types of documentation are examples of what would be expected for each Purchasing Card transaction exceeding $75:

Recurring Monthly Charges
Attach the original contract or service agreement within the PRC package in which the first monthly service fee posts. A memo justifying the need for the service should also be attached. Additional documentation for the monthly charges/fees should also be requested and provided with the applicable PRC package to substantiate each charge exceeding $75.

Phone/Fax Orders
Attach the enclosed packing slip or invoice when the merchandise is received. The invoice is preferred over the packing slip and should be attached to the PRC package if the vendor encloses it in the shipment.

Internet Orders
Print and attach a copy of the order screen and/or confirmation screen. Substantiation should include the detailed items ordered, quantities, as well as pricing.

Pick Up Orders
Attach the cash register receipt. The itemized detail must be provided.


The supporting documentation is the official record for the Purchasing Card transactions and must be retained by the department/site manager for a minimum of seven years and should be available for review/audit. Approvers should review all attached receipts and verify appropriateness and completeness before authorizing the transaction.