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The Student Services Suite (S3) partners are committed to ensuring that the campus community is well informed about current and upcoming S3 updates. 

This webpage is updated with announcements, user documentation and release summaries, which you may find useful while navigating the S3.

Latest Release Summaries




S3 Release Summary #147 (pdf)

Increased functionality that will allow more S3 users to have the ability to update a student’s enrollment status.

S3 Release Summary #146 (pdf)

Included changes to SIO (Student Information Online) and MPS (My Plaid Student) so that students and their contacts are navigated directly to My Student Aid for financial aid information

S3 Release Summary #145 (pdf)

Introduced a new Documents page in the Student Information Online (SIO) and added scalable functionality to the S3: Student: Documents screen. These Document screens allow students and S3 users to view certain PDFs from ECM’s Perceptive Content application.

S3 Release Summary #144 (pdf)

Included updates to a student’s enrollment status screen to enhance and simplify the process of changing a student’s enrollment status.

S3 Release Summary #143 (pdf)

Includes enhancements to traffic reporting used by The HUB so that the class of each student is included in the reporting. This will allow more insightful assessment and more accurate predictive service modeling moving forward.

S3 Release Summary #142 (pdf)

Continued work on system functionality and updates.

S3 Release Summary #141 (pdf)

Introduced a new enrollment status for the graduate certificate programs, called 'Leave Non-Degree.' It also removed certain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from Undergraduate Admission and Prospect screens to comply with a recent Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruling.

S3 Release Summary #140 (pdf)

Introduced new functionality in the S3 system that enables the Student Accounts Office to release electronic refunds to students with Qatar bank accounts. It also introduces functionality that enables Qatar staff to manage and report on student Qatar National ID information.

S3 Release Summary #139 (pdf)

Introduced new functionality in Student Information Online (SIO) that enables student-instructors to choose to use their Preferred Name wherever their instructor name is listed on both internal and external websites. It also corrected an issue in S3 that caused the screen to "jump" when looking at a student’s Planned Schedule.

S3 Release Summary #138 (pdf)

Introduced new functionality in S3 Admin Console that enables The HUB to generate a photo roster on demand from a list of Andrew IDs.

S3 Release Summary #137 (pdf)

Continued work on system functionality and updates.

S3 Release Summary #136 (pdf)

Corrects an error that prevented a small number of students from being able to view their diploma prototype in Student Information Online (SIO).

S3 Release Summary #135 (pdf)

Corrects an error triggered by some chrome extensions and continues the work to ensure a student’s preferred name displays throughout S3.

S3 Release Summary #134 (pdf)

Continued work to ensure the preferred name of a student displays throughout S3.


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S3 Goal Statement

To have an adaptable and contemporary student services suite that is responsive to a changing environment.