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The Student Services Suite (S3) partners are committed to ensuring that the campus community is well informed about current and upcoming S3 updates. 

This webpage is updated with announcements, user documentation and release summaries, which you may find useful while navigating the S3.

Latest Release Summaries




S3 Release Summary #130 (pdf) Continued to work on making Student Information Online (SIO) accessible to all. 09/08/22
S3 Release Summary #129 (pdf) Created the ability for Qatar students to add non-U.S. bank accounts through SIO. New users are encouraged to review the S3 QuickStart Guide (pdf) and the Web Tutorial section for basic instructions. 08/04/22
S3 Release Summary #128 (pdf)

Made modifications to the infrastructure and interface that is used in S3 to assign authorization to S3 users to increase accessibility, user experience, and data integrity.


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S3 Goal Statement

To have an adaptable and contemporary student services suite that is responsive to a changing environment.