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The Student Services Suite (S3) partners are committed to ensuring that the campus community is well informed about current and upcoming S3 updates. 

Throughout the development, this webpage is updated with user documentation and release summaries, which you may find useful while navigating the S3.

Feedback about S3 may be directed to Darleen LaBarbera in Enrollment Systems and/or to Dan Wilson in Computing Services. 

Release Updates




S3 Release Summary #84 (pdf) Introduced a newly renovated portal for applicants to CMU undergraduate programs. "Where Am I in the Process?" allows applicants to track the admission and financial aid process online.  10/9/18
S3 Release Summary #83 (pdf) Introduced SIO Mobile and modifications to S3 and SIO for the new Student Drop Voucher process. 9/6/18
S3 Release Summary #82 (pdf) Included enhancements to the Multiple Advisors feature, as well as other improvements and fixes for the S3 Admin Console and SIO. 8/2/18

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User Documentation

S3 Quickstart Guide

updated 3/29/2018

S3 Video Tutorials

updated 3/22/2013

S3 Screen Guides

updated 10/15/2013

S3 Registration-Related Frequently Asked Questions

updated 4/18/2012

S3 Admin Console Course Corequisites & Prerequisites Guide

updated 10/29/2014

S3 Admin Console Course Reservation Guide

updated 10/23/2014

S3 Course Roster Guide

updated 8/13/2014

S3 Grade Upload Guide

updated 10/19/2017

S3 Advising Roster Guide

updated 6/7/2018

Student Data Warehouse

The Student Data Warehouse (SDW) is a repository of student data, refreshed daily, which allows departments to run queries without having to request them from the University Registrar’s Office. View detailed user information or log in to SDW