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The Student Services Suite (S3) partners are committed to ensuring that the campus community is well informed about current and upcoming S3 updates. 

This webpage is updated with announcements, user documentation and release summaries, which you may find useful while navigating the S3.

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Latest Release Summaries




S3 Release Summary #122 (pdf) Included modifications to the S3 Suite to accommodate student records of those who are pursuing certificates offered by the Integrated Innovation Institute (iii) and introduced a new option for individuals who register as users of ‘My Plaid Student’ or ‘Where Am I in the Process?’. 01/07/22
S3 Release Summary #121 (pdf) Included updates to the S3 Admin Console (S3) to prevent room capacity for cross-listed courses from being inadvertently exceeded when increasing max enrollment for a course section. 12/02/21
S3 Release Summary #120 (pdf) Included updates to Student Information Online (SIO) to ensure a student’s preferred name displays anytime the name is visible. 11/04/21

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S3 Goal Statement

To have an adaptable and contemporary student services suite that is responsive to a changing environment.