Carnegie Mellon University

NAPP Step 1: Academic Consultation Phase

Status: Required for academic department or program
Timing: 4 to 12 months in advance of desired program offering

This consultative process - NAPP Step 1 - allows academic units to efficiently gather academic program expertise into one room to ensure:

  • a thorough review and feedback in the conceptual program development phase
  • that necessary or missing resources from the consultative review process are identified and targeted
  • a smooth NAPP Step 2: Administration & Implementation Phase
The NAPP Step 1: Academic Consultation Phase Checklist serves to facilitate conversation between academic departments that are developing new academic programs and the Vice Provost for Education, who is responsible for approving new programs on behalf of the Provost. 

NAPP Step 1: Academic Consultation Phase Checklist (pdf)

(Tip: Download/save checklist and then reopen to complete and submit.)

Next Steps:
  1. Identify academic program or department leader(s) and key administrators for the new academic program
  2. Review the NAPP Step 1: Academic Consultation Phase Checklist
    • Complete the checklist form to the extent possible
    • Gather the materials from the checklist to the extent possible
  3. Schedule a consultation appointment with the Vice Provost for Education and bring the checklist and materials (as available)
  4. Attend consultation appointment
  5. Receive a written report of the actions, additional requested materials, decisions and/or consultative resources generated during the NAPP Step 1 consultation
  6. Complete NAPP Step 1 phase before moving to NAPP Step 2