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Publications: Books

Cohen, S., Underwood, L., & Gottlieb, B (Eds.) (2000).  Social support measurement and interventions:  A guide for health and social scientists.  New York: Oxford.
          Chapter 1: Social relationships and health. Link to full-text (pdf)
          Chapter 2: Social support theory and measurement. Link to full-text (pdf)
          Chapter 3: Measuring social integration and social networks. Link to full-text (pdf)

Cohen, S., Kessler, R. C., & Underwood Gordon, L. (Eds.) (1995).  Measuring stress: A guide for health and social scientists. New York: Oxford.
          Chapter 1: Strategies for measuring stress in studies of psychiatric and physical disorders. Link to full-text (pdf)

Cohen, S., Evans, G. W., Krantz, D. S., & Stokols, D. (1986). Behavior, health and environmental stress.  New York:  Plenum.
          Chapter 1: Stress processes and the costs of coping. Link to full-text (pdf)
          Chapter 2: Correlational field methodology in the study of stress. Link to full-text (pdf)

Cohen, S., & Syme, S. L. (Eds.)  (1985). Social support and health.  New  York: Academic Press.
          Chapter 1: Issues in the study and application of social support. Link to full-text (pdf)