Carnegie Mellon University
April 27, 2023

2022 Year in Review

Our 2022 Year in Review highlights the achievements and activities of students and faculty in the Department of Modern Languages. 

The department continues to offer a variety of opportunities for students of all levels to engage with the rich diversity of languages and cultures in ways that prepare them as ethical and informed global citizens. We’ve launched a new interdisciplinary minor to center intercultural understanding in immersive technology design and implementation. We were thrilled for the return of study abroad, sending students to France, Germany, Spain, and our new program in Costa Rica (and we look forward to China and Jordan in 2023).

The department has welcomed wonderful new faculty and said goodbye to cherished colleagues. We’ve engaged in compelling, cutting-edge research that influences our fields and enhances our teaching. We’re particularly proud of our new research partnership with Duolingo, and look forward to the possibilities afforded by that collaboration.

As you will see in our Year in Review, which highlights just a fraction of our many initiatives and accomplishments, Modern Languages at CMU is energized and poised to reach new heights as one of the premiere Modern Language departments in the country. 

We invite you to read more in the pages that follow.