Carnegie Mellon University
April 22, 2016

Meet the Newest Members of Phi Sigma Iota

Meet the Newest Members of Phi Sigma Iota

This spring, twenty-four students from Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Modern Languages were inducted into Phi Sigma Iota. The prestigious international honor society recognizes the achievements of outstanding students in academic fields related to foreign languages, literatures and cultures. The society has been active for nearly one hundred years and today has 250 chapters at institutions of higher education in three countries.

Inductees from both CMU and Duquesne University participated in the initiation ceremony.

“It’s a great pleasure to carry on our tradition of celebrating the accomplishments of our students together in a joint initiation ceremony with Duquesne University,” said Susan Polansky, head of the Department of Modern Languages. “Our students have achieved impressive multilingual communication and critical thinking skills through hard work, with creativity, and we hope with enjoyment too!”

The 2016 CMU Phi Sigma Iota inductees:

Sophia Anopa
Majors: Computer Science and Psychology
Minor: French & Francophone Studies

Christopher Ball
Majors: Architecture and French & Francophone Studies
Minor: Architecture History

Laura Berry
Majors: Creative Writing and Japanese Studies

Zack Birnbaum
Majors: Mechanical Engineering and Chinese Studies

Holly Dennis
Major: Drama
Minor: French & Francophone Studies

Mary Catherine Devine
Majors: Global Studies and French & Francophone Studies

Emma Harger
Majors: Psychology and German Studies
Minor: Music

Lindsay Kincaid
Majors: Social & Decision Sciences and Hispanic Studies

Tammy Luk
Majors: Biological Sciences and Chinese Studies

Tom Muneta
Major: Japanese Studies

Celeste Neary
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Minor: German Studies

Allison Ngo
Majors: Chinese Studies and Business Administration

Liza Otto
Major: Bachelor of Humanities and Arts (Architecture and Psychology)
Minor: Hispanic Studies

Tae Eun Park
Majors: Business Administration and Chinese Studies

Emily Pond
Major: Chemistry
Minors: Japanese Studies and Creative Writing

Travis Rozich
Majors: Architecture and French & Francophone Studies

Margaret Smith
Majors: Mechanical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Chinese Studies

Estelle Tian
Major: Chinese Studies
Minors: German Studies and Linguistics

Hannah Tomio
Majors: Electrical & Computer Engineering and Russian Studies

Jennifer Tuttle
Major: International Relations
Minor: French & Francophone Studies

Gabriel Vegh-Gaynor
Major: Ethics, History, and Public Policy
Minor: French & Francophone Studies

Samantha Walker
Major: Hispanic Studies

Caitlin Williams
Majors: Music and Chinese Studies

Allison Wood
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Hispanic Studies

View photos from the induction ceremony.