Carnegie Mellon University
December 07, 2016

Students Display Paintings and Calligraphy Work at Showcase

chinese calligraphy students and teachers

This semester, students have been learning about Chinese calligraphy and its ties to Chinese history, culture and philosophy in the course Chinese Calligraphy: Culture and Skills. After studying the art and origins of calligraphy, students put their newly gained knowledge into practice. With the guidance of course instructor Haixia Wang, they created Chinese paintings and original calligraphy works based on poems, idioms, mottos, or sentences of their choosing or that were assigned to them in class. The paintings and calligraphy pieces were recently put on display at a showcase. Below are photos of some of the works featured at the event.

tree and water
region of river with bridge
panda, tree and squirrel
fish and taiji
region of river with water and boat