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Candice Guerbeau

Candice Guerbeau

Education: MA University of Lille, Sociology. MA Sciences Po Lille, Communication. BA Sciences Po Lille, Political and Social Sciences. Hypokhâgne A/L Lycée Faidherbe, Literature


I am a Ph.D. student in the Second Language Acquisition program. Originally from Lille, France, I earned a B.A. (in Political and Social Sciences) and a first M.A. (in Communication) at Sciences Po Lille, before receiving a second M.A. (in Sociology) at the University of Lille. I started a Ph.D. in French and Francophone Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, but I transferred to CMU to focus my research on Second Language Acquisition specifically. My interest in French as a foreign language started when I taught French in Madrid, Spain, as a language assistant in two high-schools in addition to giving private lessons. This interest grew stronger with my Fulbright experience at Susquehanna University (Selinsgrove, PA), where I taught French (101 and 102) and followed SLA courses, as well as at the University of Pittsburgh. My current research interests center on gender-neutral and inclusive strategies and practices in the French language and in the French classroom abroad.

  • French language as a Foreign Language
  • L2 teaching and pedagogy
  • Gender-neutral language in French: development, teaching and learning strategies
  • Second Language Teaching, Acquisition and Identity
  • Fulbright Scholarship (FLTA), 2021-2022
  • Dietrich College Scholar

Department Member Since 2023