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Naum Kats

Naum Kats

Principal Lecturer of Russian Studies

Education: Ph. D., State University of St. Petersburg


I was born and grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia. From my youth I developed a profound interest in the humanities and particularly in literature and history. These interests led me to undergraduate and post-graduate studies at the State University of St. Petersburg. I live in the USA since 1989. In 1990-1991, I was enrolled in post-doctoral training at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Education. My teaching career at CMU began in 1990.

  • Russian Literature and Culture
  • History of Russian Cinema
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Art History
  • Social, Cultural, Political and Intellectual History of Russia.
  • Russian (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced Levels)
  • Russian for Heritage Speakers: Babushka’s Russia & Beyond
  • Russian Cinema: From the Bolshevik Revolution to Putin’s Russia
  • Special Topics in Russian
  • Russian Culture
  • Honorable Teacher of Russia
  • Honorable Professor of the Beijing Jiaotong University (China)
  • United Nations of Pittsburgh
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Department Member Since 1990