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Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Global Studies majors are strongly encouraged to incorporate a semester of study abroad into their course of study in order to gain first-hand experience of cultural and social diversity.  A study abroad destination and program should be chosen carefully in consultation with the Global Studies academic advisor and the Office of International Education’s study abroad advisor.  

A Global Studies major’s language of study, optional topical cluster, research interests, and regional focuses may influence the decision of where to study abroad.  The Global Studies Major Specific Advising Sheet (.pdf) is a good starting place for researching study abroad opportunities.  Please know that this list is not exhaustive but rather just a recognition of programs with strong academic options and immersive opportunities for Global Studies majors.  Many Global Studies majors have shared their experiences abroad through a Global Studies Spotlight.

Global Studies students may consider taking Transnational, Global, and Regional courses, Global Studies elective courses, language courses, General Education requirements, and free elective courses while abroad.  Sample curricula are available to assist students in planning.  All study abroad courses must be selected and approved by the Global Studies academic advisor and director prior to study abroad.  

Funding should not be a barrier to study abroad.  The Office of International Education study abroad advisor can assist you in determining the best way to pay for study abroad. In addition, numerous scholarships are available through OIE, the Dietrich College Dean’s Office, the Department of Modern Languages, and the Fellowships and Scholarships Office to help defray costs.

Some Carnegie Mellon study abroad scholarships to consider include: