Carnegie Mellon University
April 27, 2017

Spring 2017 Global Studies Capstone Seminar

Thursday April 27

Politics of Language, Language as Politics

Lindsey Matesic
History Repeats Itself: Foreign Language Education Policy in Italy
Mary Catherine Devine
Language Policy and Cultural Diversity in France
Gabrielle Rickstrew
African American Vernacular in Schools: Where Are We Today?
Melanie Diaz
From Assimilation to Inclusion: The Indigenismo Movement in 20th Century Mexico

Tuesday May 2

Conflict and Compromise

Rob Stephens
Intervention vs. Isolation: The Great Powers’ Role in International Affairs
Olivia Paul
International Intervention in Rwanda
Matthew Seifu
Climate Change and Ethiopian Stakeholders
Kayla Lee
Economic Self-Sufficiency among Nepali Bhutanese Refugees

Thursday May 4

Entertainment as Politics: Rap, Hip-Hop, and Theater on a Global Scene

Matt Hillman
The Globalization and Commodification of Rap Music: 1970-2017
Hiromi Holt
The Politics and Economics of Entertainment
Razghiem Golden
Theater as Political Resistance