Carnegie Mellon University
If you are considering a major within the English Department (a BA in English, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, Technical Writing, or BHA), first speak with Laura Donaldson in the English Office (BH 259). She will answer all your preliminary questions regarding your major of choice and direct you to other helpful resources.
You may declare your major as early as the spring of your freshman year.
Once you have decided on your major, visit the Academic Advisory Center in the basement of Baker Hall (BH A57) and speak to an advisor. They will help you through the declaration process.
Students not already majoring in English can declare a minor in any of the areas of focus in the English Department (Professional Writing, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, or English Bachelor of Arts). Simply schedule an appointment to speak with Laura Donaldson in the English Office (BH 259).

If you wish to declare an additional major within the English Department (e.g. Creative Writing and Professional Writing), contact Laura Donaldson in the English Office (BH 259). The only two majors in English that cannot be combined are Technical Writing and Professional Writing. An additional major will not prevent you from graduating on time.

If you are an English major and you wish to declare a dual major in another discipline (e.g. Statistics, History, Philosophy, etc.), you should meet with an advisor in that department to get approval and then speak with Laura Donaldson.

If your primary major is in another discipline and you would like to declare a secondary major in English, please contact Laura Donaldson.

The Bachelors of Humanities and Arts (BHA) program gives students in both the College of Fine Arts (Art, Music, Design, etc.) and in Dietrich College (English, History, Philosophy, etc.) the opportunity to create a unique major which combines the requirements for programs in each college into a single major (e.g. English and Design).

Students interested in this program need to apply for admission. If you are considering the BHA program, please contact Stephanie Murray.

You will be assigned an advisor once you declare your major. Your assigned advisor will be in your preliminary major department, however, you are encouraged to speak and advise with faculty members outside of your primary department at any point.
Yes. This will ensure that you are on track with your coursework and are prepared to graduate.
Contact Laura Donaldson in the English Office (BH 259). She will inform you who your advisor is and answer any immediate questions you may have.
If you would like to study abroad with any of our English Department partner schools in the United Kingdom, contact Jim Daniels.

If you are interested in studying with any other program, please set an appointment with the Study Abroad Office (3rd floor of Werner Hall).

If you are planning to do an internship and want to see whether it might qualify for course credit, contact Necia Werner to determine whether or not your internship fulfils the necessary requirements. Course credit will only be awarded if you consult with Necia Werner before you do the internship. It cannot be awarded to internships that have already been completed.

Credit will be determined on a case-by-case basis once you have met with Necia Werner. The number of units awarded will determine the tuition cost for the internship. Monetary compensation for your internship will be determined by your employer.


Students majoring in English may use up to two courses from their major to also fulfill general education (gen. ed.) requirements.

Students minoring in English may use Interpretation and Argument (76-101) and one other course from their minor to fulfill general education requirements.

Students majoring or minoring in English may not use courses from their major or minor to fulfill requirements in a major or minor in another department.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing Major

Additional Major in Creative Writing

Additional Major in Creative Writing (for students with primary majors NOT in English)

Creative Writing Minor


English Major

Additional Major in English

Additional Major in English (for students with primary majors NOT in English)

English Minor

Professional Writing

Professional Writing Major

Additional Major in Professional Writing

Additional Major in Professional Writing (for students with primary majors NOT in English)

Professional Writing Minor

Technical Writing and Communication

Technical Writing & Communication Major, B.S. (Technical Communication Track)

Technical Writing & Communication, Major, B.S. (Science & Medical Communication Track)

Technical Writing Minor