Carnegie Mellon University
DataLab and DataShop are led by CMU staff with long histories in the EDM community. Now a part of the Simon Initiative, its leadership can be contacted with questions or opportunities to expand the world’s largest bank of educational data.

DataLab Staff Contributors

Michael Bett

Managing Director, LearnLab
Office: 412-268-8616

Judy Brooks

Director, Educational Technology and Design, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence
Office: 412-268-4972

Marsha Lovett

Director, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence
Office: 412-268-3499

Richard Schienes

Dean, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Office: 412-268-2831

John Stamper

Technical Director, Datashop, LearnLab, Assistant Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute 
Office: 412-268-9690