Carnegie Mellon University
DataLab and DataShop are led by CMU staff with long histories in the EDM community. Now a part of the Simon Initiative, its leadership can be contacted with questions or opportunities to expand the world’s largest bank of educational data.

DataLab Leadership Team

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DataLab Staff Contributors

Michael Bett

Managing Director, LearnLab
Office: 412-268-8616

Judy Brooks

Director, Educational Technology and Design, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence
Office: 412-268-4972

Marsha Lovett

Director, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence
Office: 412-268-3499

Richard Schienes

Dean, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Office: 412-268-2831

John Stamper

Technical Director, Datashop, LearnLab, Assistant Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute 
Office: 412-268-9690