The Simon Initiative - Carnegie Mellon University

Harnessing a Learning-Engineering Ecosystem

Inside Higher Ed
Beyond Teaching by Instinct

"Learning science" is becoming a buzzword, but it means experimenting with new approaches and learning from what doesn't work as well as what does, writes Michael Feldstein. And everyone who teaches for a living must do it. Feldstein shares what he learned from CMU Simon Initiative experts.

EdSurge Learning
When Personalized Learning Is a Logical Fallacy

Personalized learning is not a product you can buy — it’s a set of strategies that teachers can implement, sometimes with the help of products that are designed to support those strategies. To explore this more, Michael Feldstein talks to CMU’s Ken Koedinger and Marsha Lovett.

The Simon Initiative and Carnegie Mellon’s Digital Education Revolution

Carnegie Mellon University is working to transform higher education instruction through CMU-led advances in learning science and its applications. Learn more about it through One Day in the Life

Why Simon?

Named for the late Nobel and Turing Award laureate Herbert Simon, this initiative harnesses a cross-disciplinary, learning-engineering ecosystem that has developed over several decades at CMU with the goal of measurably improving student learning outcomes. Learn more.