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Visitor Protocol

Visitors Strongly Discouraged

At this time, visitors to the Pittsburgh campus and other U.S.-based locations for on-campus tours, events and gatherings are strongly discouraged.

Until further notice, the following protocol applies to the presence of visitors to Carnegie Mellon’s U.S.-based campuses and programs. For the purpose of this protocol, visitors include anyone who is not a CMU employee, student, vendor or contractor.


Any staff, faculty or researcher seeking an exception in order to host a visitor on campus must follow the process below:

  1. Obtain approval from their cognizant University Leadership Council (ULC) member.
  2. Determine if the visitor, within the last 10 days, has traveled from out of state or participated in high-risk travel within Pennsylvania. Other CMU locations within the U.S. should consult their local travel guidance.
  3. If an exception is needed because of current public health advisories and guidance pertaining to travel, please contact


Staff, faculty or researchers who have been approved to host a visitor on campus must obtain and maintain the records of:

  1. A signed assumption of waiver (PDF) from the visitor, if required by the approving ULC member.
  2. Acknowledgment that the visitor has read and understands CMU's minimum requirements (PDF).
  3. Download and complete CMU's Daily Self-Assessment (PDF) prior to your arrival on campus. Save and/or print your responses and provide to your host.


Approved visitors from within Pennsylvania do not need to quarantine if they have not engaged in high-risk travel within the last 10 days or traveled out of state within the same period of time. They must adhere to the minimum requirements, and if they are visiting as part of an approved return to on-site work plan, they must adhere to the plan of the unit they are visiting.


If a visitor to Pittsburgh has engaged in high-risk travel within Pennsylvania, or traveled from outside the state (regardless if high or low risk), they are required to quarantine for 10 days prior to being present on campus.

Other CMU locations within the U.S. should consult their local travel guidance.


Processes and requirements for collaborating visitors continue to apply. See the collaborating visitor process website for additional details, including the definition of collaborating visitor. Note that collaborating visitors are not currently permitted on-site unless they are named on an approved return to on-site work plan.