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COVID-19 Updates

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Visitor Protocol

Visitors (both indoors and outdoors) for one-time visits and/or recurring meetings/events on campus are permitted. 

Facial Coverings (effective: March 28)
Facial coverings both indoors and outdoors are optional for everyone who is up-to-date with respect to COVID-19 vaccinations (meaning fully vaccinated and boosted when eligible). Those who are not up-to-date on vaccinations must continue to follow mitigation measures, including wearing facial coverings while indoors.

Vaccination Status and COVID-19 Testing
All faculty, staff and students are required to be fully vaccinated (including booster when eligible) against COVID-19. It is expected that visitors coming to the CMU campus are also fully vaccinated (including booster when eligible) against COVID-19, including a booster when eligible, unless unable to be vaccinated due to a disability or strong religious/moral conviction. 
Visitors may be asked to attest that they are either fully vaccinated (including booster when eligible) or have received a negative COVID-19 test result in the last 72 hours.

Additional Information
Other approval processes for visitors such as the Collaborating Visitor or programs involving minors will continue to apply in addition to this protocol.

Until further notice, this protocol applies to the presence of visitors to Carnegie Mellon’s U.S.-based campuses and programs. For the most up-to-date visitor guidance at other CMU locations, please refer to their websites and/or reach out to local campus leadership.

For the purpose of this protocol, visitors include anyone who is not a CMU employee, student, vendor, contractor or sponsored affiliate.

Email for additional questions regarding visitors.