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COVID-19 Mitigation Protocol for CMU Vendors, Service Providers and Affiliates

Carnegie Mellon University requires all employees of all vendors and service providers performing services, and all affiliates visiting any campus or CMU facility to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including a booster when eligible, unless unable to be vaccinated due to a disability or strong religious/moral conviction.

See additional information below for more details on how “vendors”, “service providers” and “affiliates” are defined for the purpose of these requirements.

Individuals who have been granted medical or religious exemptions from vaccination under applicable federal or state law must comply with the following additional mitigation requirements:

  • COVID-19 Testing: Individuals with exemptions are required to be tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. CMU’s Tartan Testing Program may be available for this purpose (see below for more details). Vendors, service providers and affiliates who do not use Tartan Testing are not required to provide test results to the university.
  • Daily Symptom Self-Assessment: Individuals with exemptions must complete CMU's Daily Self-Assessment (PDF), which includes temperature monitoring, every day the individual will be on campus or at any CMU facility (or complete a substantially equivalent assessment administered by their own employer). This form is a self-assessment. Individuals are not required to provide the completed form to their CMU host.

In addition, until further notice, the university requires everyone to wear a facial covering (sufficient to cover the nose and mouth) at all times indoors, regardless of vaccination status. (Exceptions include: while eating or drinking; when alone in a private space, such as an office or vehicle; and in designated residence hall floor spaces when used by vaccinated residents.)

Questions concerning CMU’s mitigation protocol should be sent to

“Vendors” and “service providers” are terms to refer to individuals or companies who have entered into contracts with CMU to perform services on campus or at any CMU facility. “Vendors” typically work on campus on a daily basis, such as Aramark’s custodial workers, Chartwells food service workers and the various food purveyors located in the Cohon University Center and in other buildings on campus. “Service providers” generally refers to individuals or companies who provide a variety of different services on an intermittent or project-by-project basis, such as consulting, equipment and facility maintenance and repairs, events catering, photography, coffee and water service, moving and storage.

Vendors and service providers and their workers are not employees of CMU. Thus, the vendors and service providers who have entered into a contract with CMU are responsible for communicating CMU’s COVID-19 mitigation requirements to its workers, and for ensuring that they are followed. 

Individual employees of vendors and service providers are not required to report their vaccination status to the university. Likewise, individuals who are exempt from vaccination for medical or religious reasons are not required to provide weekly COVID-19 test results or their Daily Self-Assessment forms to the university. However, the university may request aggregate data from vendors or service providers regarding the vaccination rates and COVID-19 testing results. Vendors and service providers should work with their primary university contact to discuss the availability of Tartan Testing for those who have been granted an exemption from the vaccination requirement.

An affiliate is a recurring university visitor hosted by a faculty or staff member. Affiliates are not required to upload their vaccination details in CMU’s health services system(s). However, affiliates may be asked to attest to and provide details on their vaccination status to the university. If you are an affiliate, please connect with your sponsor to clarify whether and how you need to complete these requirements. Those who host affiliates should consult with for guidance on if and when individuals are expected to provide such details.

Affiliates who are exempt from vaccination requirements for medical or religious reasons are required to be tested for COVID-19 on a weekly basis. Affiliates are responsible for making their own arrangements for testing. However, Tartan Testing, the university’s asymptomatic COVID-19 testing program may be available to affiliates, who should work with their host to determine eligibility. Affiliates who do not use Tartan Testing are not required to provide test results to the university. However, they may be asked to attest to having received a negative COVID-19 test within the last 72 hours to their host.

Facial Coverings Required on Campus


  • Indoors

Not Required

  • Eating or drinking*
  • Working outdoors*
  • Alone in a private space

*If not fully vaccinated, maintain >6ft

These COVID-19 mitigation requirements are subject to change. Please continue to check back to this page for the latest information.