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A Tartan’s Responsibility

Tartans have been All In, Everywhere, for the past 16+ months.

As COVID-19 conditions continue to evolve, so will A Tartan's ResponsibilityCheck back for Fall 2021 updates to this page later this summer.

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Foundational to the university’s community standards is the Carnegie Mellon Code, under which students are expected “to meet the highest standards of personal, ethical and moral conduct possible.” The Code sets a high bar for members of the student body to personally uphold the standards of the community, and to likewise hold fellow students accountable for these ideals, recognizing that “it is rare that the life of a student in an academic community can be so private that it will not affect the community as a whole.”

The importance of this shared responsibility has never been more apparent than now, as we navigate these challenging, unprecedented and risk-filled times. University leadership, faculty, staff and student leaders have worked in partnership since March to implement measures that are carefully designed to protect community health and well-being while safeguarding our ability to deliver an in-person educational experience. There are few certainties about the COVID-19 pandemic, but we do know that each of us can and must take an active role in preventing spread of the virus. As such, every member of the Carnegie Mellon University community has a shared responsibility to uphold a culture of safety that balances health considerations with our desire to fulfill the university’s core mission. Further, we understand that we are also members of the broader Pittsburgh community, and that our actions, both on and off campus, protect their safety as well as our own, and will have a direct effect on our ability to continue the privilege of offering in-person instruction.

A Tartan’s Responsibility outlines the expectations we have for all CMU students who will resume living, learning, working and interacting with our campus community, whether living on or off campus. By coming to Pittsburgh for in-person instruction, research and campus engagement, you agree to adhere to the following rules both on and off campus, for as long as they are in effect. These rules are based on the Minimum Requirements that apply to our entire community. They are designed, following federal, state and local guidance, to maintain our collective continued health and vitality, to promote a culture of shared responsibility for the safety of all community members in and around our university, including our neighbors, and to preserve our ability to continue to offer an in-person experience. Faculty and staff are also adhering to strict requirements as conditions for returning to campus, which encompass the general requirements set forth below in addition to requirements specific to their particular job responsibilities.

By returning to campus, you agree to:

Minimize the introduction of COVID-19: As part of our arrival process, the university required every student coming from outside Southwestern Pennsylvania to complete a 14-day modified quarantine period in a residence hall or in the Pittsburgh area.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in and around our community, including when off campus, by maintaining required physical distance, wearing facial coverings, limiting the size of gatherings, practicing good hygiene, limiting non-essential travel and following the university’s directions regarding travel outside the region throughout the semester, and adhering to other governmental and university requirements. These requirements are subject to change as conditions of the virus evolve.

Contribute to the identification of COVID-19 in and around our community by complying with required testing protocols, completing the daily self-assessment survey, responding to contact tracing and other related requests as necessary, and receiving a seasonal flu vaccine.

Support the containment of COVID-19 in and around our community by timely reporting to University Health Services and following their guidance when experiencing symptoms or when you believe that you may have been in close contact with the virus.

Should you find that you are unable or unwilling to comply with these rules at any point in the semester, then, in acknowledgement of your responsibility to the community, you agree to remove yourself from campus immediately and complete your semester remotely.

The university strongly believes that adherence to these expectations is critical to maintaining a healthy living, learning and working environment during the pandemic. To be successful as a community in upholding these expectations, each of us must embrace our role as active bystanders to help one another. Students who fail to adhere to these rules will be subject to immediate action, which may include revocation of on-campus privileges, and student conduct action.

We recognize that these rules will impact your experience on campus this year. We also know the pandemic has had disproportionate impacts on communities of color and on vulnerable populations, and, has led individuals from other countries to feel less welcome in the United States. We trust you will join us in upholding our values as an inclusive and equitable community with a shared commitment to the continued health and well-being of the entire CMU and extended community this coming year. We also trust that together we will persist through these challenging times to preserve the privilege of delivering an in-person education for those who can join us in Pittsburgh.

As Tartans, we are all in this together, and our ability to be successful rests upon all members of this community embracing our responsibility to live out these expectations each and every day.