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Research at CMU During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Vice President for Research has not imposed any additional requirements or restrictions on research beyond those that are reflected in our current service posture and the current guidance on conducting human subjects research (see below). 


Researcher Return Details

All research faculty should have already developed continuity plans for their lab groups in preparation for a ramp down of research. A return of on-site research will require you to summarize these plans in the event that public health circumstances require another suspension or remote migration of research activities within 24 hours.

Use the researcher pandemic preparedness guide (a 2-page self-examination; .pdf) to help you with your plans.

Effective July 1, 2021 approval for resuming research is no longer required. 

All research activities need to address the health and safety compliance considerations as outlined by university policy.

All projects/facilities are responsible for ensuring regular cleaning and disinfecting of active spaces. In all circumstances, FMCS will continue cleaning and disinfection regimens for common areas.

Effective July 1, 2021:

Human subjects researchers must advise all study participants and those who accompany them of their relevant obligations under the university minimum requirements.  In order to facilitate compliance with the minimum requirements, researchers should follow the guidance in the revised COVID-19 Screening Process and Questions.  This screening process replaces previous guidance/requirements and screening questions.

Researchers are advised that they are not permitted to ask and/or document a participant’s vaccination status nor are they permitted to require participants to be vaccinated unless such activities and requirements are part of an approved IRB protocol.

All persons coming on site to participate in human subjects research are considered to be approved visitors by the Vice President for Research.  No additional approvals are necessary unless required by a facility-specific policy. 

More Information for Researchers

Research Communications

You can find all research communications on the OVPR website

Collaborating Visitors

Collaborating visitors coming on-site must adhere to all visitor protocols.

Associate Deans for Research (or equivalent) by College/Unit