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Next Phase of Returning to In-Person Campus Operations

Last updated: 7/1/22


Plans for Fall 2022

As always, flexibility and adherence to public health recommendations continue to be the guideposts for our planning.

As of January 31, CMU returns to a Transitional On-Campus Service Posture


Extension of Transition to the On-Campus Workplace Through 2022

Earlier in 2021, the university provided guidance to academic and division leadership which contained a framework and options for transitioning staff to on-site work during the Fall 2021 semester, including the potential for flexible work arrangements through December 31, 2021. This guidance anticipated a return to campus for all by January 1, 2022, but, considering the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the university is extending the current guidance to apply through 2022. In Fall 2022, we will re-evaluate the situation and provide further guidance to apply starting January 1, 2023.

Supervisors will continue work directly with their teams to apply this guidance based on their best judgment to develop a strategic plan of work for their units / schools / colleges which continues to advance the work and mission of the university. Supervisors will determine, based on business needs, which flexible options work best for the positions in their unit, with the recognition that some positions require full-time, on-site presence. 

View the 11/23/2021 announcement.

Remaining Vigilant and Continuing Mitigation

We are always monitoring the spread and impact of the virus in our region, and we need to remain vigilant as COVID-19 still presents a threat to our community. The steps we can all take to mitigate the spread remain crucial.