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This page provides updates about COVID-19 vaccinations, hospital admissions, testing, and cases in the CMU community in Pittsburgh. Data on the CMU COVID-19 Dashboard is refreshed business days; however, datasets are updated with varying cadences. Each visual includes the date ranges of data provided. All weekly results run on a Tuesday-Monday schedule.

 If you are having issues accessing the content on this page, view the dataset.

6/30/22: On this date two hospitalizations were mistakenly shown for June. This was corrected from 2 to 0. Also, the “On Campus” and “Not Present On Campus” cases for the week June 21-27 were updated from 19 to 20 and 26 to 27, respectively.

6/8/22: The case count for 5/23 was eight cases more than actually occurred. It was a data entry error that has been corrected.

2/9/22: On Feb. 7, 2022, the data for Tartan Testing was inconsistent between the past week and the historical data. On Feb. 8, we changed the way Tartan Testing is reported, and all weeks now have a Tuesday start.

1/21/22: Tartan Testing cases during the week of 1/11/22 – 1/17/22 were corrected from 2,684 samples tested with 113 positive results to 2,749 samples tested with 114 positive results.

11/30/21: The Past Asymptomatic Testing section was corrected from 11/13 - 11/22 to 11/16 -11/22.

9/16/21: The issue described in the 8/23/21 note below has been resolved. Google recently changed its application programming interface (API) so our web developers needed to alter how we were fetching and processing the spreadsheet data auto feeding the case numbers and isolation and quarantine housing in use on this page.

9/7/21: Due to the Labor Day holiday, Vaccine Database information was updated on Tuesday (9/7) rather than Monday (9/6).

8/27/21: The total results received for Tartan Testing for 8/24/21 to 8/25/21 was reported as 1,527 but should have been reported as 1,528. The correct number of 1,528 is now part of the total results received in the Tartan Testing Results section.

8/26/21: The total results received for Tartan Testing for the week of 8/17/21 to 8/23/21 was reported as 2,114 but should have been reported as 2,115.

8/26/21: Instead of 2,114 samples reported last week for Tartan Testing, we had 2,115 samples. That change can be found in the Past Asymptomatic Tartan Testing chart.

8/23/21: We’ve been experiencing issues with some data loading on this page. While we investigate the issue, you can always see the data source spreadsheet for the most recent case numbers. 

8/11/21: Isolation and quarantine housing available on the Pittsburgh campus was reduced from 220 to 116 beds.

7/16/21: On 7/15/21, the total results received for Tartan Testing were reported on this Dashboard page as 58, but should have been reported as 60. Two of the results of the 60 total tested were originally invalid, but then retested negative.

4/29/21: A case originally reported as positive on 4/28 was subsequently identified as a false positive and removed.

4/8/21: Isolation and quarantine housing available on the Pittsburgh campus was reduced from 240 to 220 beds.

Isolation and quarantine housing available on the Pittsburgh campus was reduced from 280 to 240 beds.

1/21/21: During the Tartan Testing ramp up phase, earlier this week, we learned a few testing recipients received a false positive result. The root cause of these false positives was related to the process we were previously using to establish the detection thresholds. To ensure accuracy and precision moving forward, we have since adjusted our detection threshold limits and will continue to monitor as we gain more experience. The previously reported positive cases and test results were adjusted on the dashboard to reflect accurate totals.

10/7/20: A positive case in the Faculty and Staff, Not Present On Campus category on 10/5/20, was initially mistakenly listed as a New Case(s) Confirmed on 10/6/20. This case has correctly been moved to the Week of 9/29/20 - 10/5/20 Confirmed Case(s) box.

9/24/20: Asymptomatic arrival testing data were amended to reflect a computational error. Total Results Received was corrected from 5,925 to 5,686. Percentage of Positive Tests was adjusted from 0.57% to 0.59%. Data regarding Positive Results Received was unaffected.

9/18/20: Student arrival testing ends.

CMU was notified by P23 Labs, a third-party lab, that there was a data transfer error in the reporting of testing results for a small group of students invited to participate in the arrival screening. The impacted students were immediately notified by the lab of this error. The university has reached out to each impacted student, and all have been provided another opportunity to get tested as part of our weekly ongoing asymptomatic testing program, which is being jointly administered by a different partner lab. These errors are not reflected in any of the dashboard data.

9/16/20: Weekly student testing, random samplings, begins.

8/19/20 – 9/10/20: Student arrival testing conducted.

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