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Secure Your Computer

At Carnegie Mellon, we strive to provide a safe and secure computing environment for the campus community and recommend that you follow safe computing practices.

See instructions for securing your computer.

Stay Secure

  • Explore authentication tools on campus to keep your information and/or services secure.
  • Run QUALYS Browser Check regularly. This tool will walk you through updating any browser-related applications; and will help protect your computer from those actively exploiting security flaws through the web.
  • Routinely change your Andrew account password and security questions.
  • Consider your downloading habits.
  • Before you open that attachment, remember that attachments in unexpected email messages or from unknown senders often harbor malware that could infect your computer. And, fraudulent web addresses will lure you into providing your login credentials or personal information. Think before you click. Learn to recognize phishing attempts - play Anti-Phishing Phil and Anti-Phishing Phyllis.
  • Install and run Identity Finder which locates Personally-Identifiable Information (PII) on your computer.
  • Subscribe to Computing Services News & Alerts.

Know the Rules

Remember that you are responsible for the content and actions of your computer! Read and abide by the Carnegie Mellon Computing Policy and other computing guidelines.

Need Help?

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