Carnegie Mellon University

Mail Migration

This page will guide you through migrating from your current CMU email service to one of the other options (Exchange or G Suite @ CMU).

Prepare your Mailbox for Migration

Large mailboxes can take longer to migrate. You can expedite the migration process by preparing your email for transition.

  • Empty your Trash/Deleted Items folder.
  • Delete Spam.
  • Save large attachments and remove them from the mail message.
  • Delete unwanted messages.

Note: Google limits the amount of email data we can transfer. See Google’s Bandwidth Policy for details.


Once you’ve considered the steps to reduce your mailbox size, review the process below.


  • Register for migration through the Mail Migration tool 
  • Select Exchange or G Suite @ CMU based on your preference and department policy
  • Continue to use your old mailbox until notified that your new mailbox is ready

Computing Services:

  • Creates your new Exchange or G Suite @ CMU mailbox
  • Copies mailbox activity while you continue to work in your old mailbox
  • Notifies you when the mailbox is ready for you to schedule a cut over date


  • Complete the New Mailbox Created/Copied steps.
  • Select a date for changing email delivery to your new mailbox (mail messages received in the meantime are copied to both mailboxes)
  • Complete setup of your new mailbox following the post migration steps and start using your new mail service to send and receive messages
  • You - confirm that all post migration steps are complete and authorize the deletion of your old mailbox and its contents
  • Computing Services - purges messages from your old mailbox and removes the old mailbox from the server