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Pitching In For NYC

State Grant Supports Panther Hollow Research Facility

Annual United Way Campaign Has Begun

Six Alumni Were Victims of Terrorist Attacks

Kathleen Carley Garners Lifetime Achievement Award

PSC Installs Most Powerful Computing System

Kiron Skinner Named to U.S. Defense Policy Board

Carnegie Mellon Co-Hosts Cybersecurity Brainstorming Series

Economist Robert Strauss Says Consumer Spending Will Rebound

Extraordinary Freshman Enjoys Independence

NSF Grants SCS Faculty More Than $24 Million For Research

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Annual United Way Campaign Has Begun;
Special Sept. 11th Fund Created

Carnegie Mellon's annual United Way Campaign began on Oct. 2 and members of the university community are being encouraged to support the many deserving United Way health and human services organizations in the region.

In addition, the university community is being asked to supplement their annual donation with a gift to The September 11th Fund, a special fund created by the United Way to support victims and their families in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Somerset, Pa.

"United Way supports local organizations that provide key safety net services to those in need in this region," said Provost Mark Kamlet, chairman of the university's campaign. "These agencies provide respite services and home delivered means to senior citizens, health services to individuals affected by crippling diseases, food pantries for the hungry and family services for the abused.

"Regardless of the size of the contribution, whether $10, $100 or $1,000, every donation plays a key role in our university-wide effort," Kamlet said.

Last year, the campus raised $153,000 for United Way. The goal this year is to exceed that level and to increase the number of faculty and staff who participate in the campaign.

Donations can be made to the United Way's general fund or targeted to particular service sectors or specific agencies. Among the latter are independent campus-affiliated organizations such as the I Have a Dream program (code 4798), the Role Models program (9841) and the Cyert Center for Early Childhood Education (1321).

This year, United Way of Western Pennsylvania is also participating in The September 11th Fund. These funds will go directly to assist the families of those killed in the terrorist attacks. Donors can specify where their gift should be directed by writing "September 11th Fund" and either "New York," "Washington" or "Somerset" in the section of the form designated for specific agencies.

More details on the designation option are included in the campaign materials that have been sent to all employees by campus mail.

Individuals can make their tax-deductible donation by payroll deduction, personal check, cash, credit card, or stocks and securities. You can also make your pledge online at

All payroll deduction pledges will begin with the January 2002 payroll period unless the donor specifies otherwise. Checks and credit cards are processed within a few days of receipt and credited to the Carnegie Mellon campaign.

For more information, contact Edna Jackson of the Provost's Office at x8-6685 or

Pledge From Tips

• Write Carnegie Mellon in the "Company Name" section.

• For "Work Location" use abbreviations for your college, department, building room number and campus phone number. You can use the blank space under the location box or at the top of the page.

• The "Community Fund" section lists general areas with code numbers to designate your gift.

• If you prefer to designate your gift to a specific agency or agencies, do so at the bottom of the page. Code numbers for specific agencies can be found on the United Way Web site at

• If you're making a donation to The September 11th Fund, write September 11th Fund in the specific agency section. You can also indicate where your gift should be directed by writing New York, Washington or Somerset.

• Unless you request otherwise, your gift information will be sent to your designated gift recipients. If you do not want the information released, check the box in the right-hand corner of the bottom of the page.

Bruce Gerson

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