Carnegie Mellon University

Chat Transcript of June 1

21:01:01 From Laura Bouix : Nice to be here! I cannot speak because I am next to my sleeping child, but I am so happy to listen.

21:02:43 From Weronika Balewski :

21:02:48 From Weronika Balewski : Agenda is on page 4

21:02:53 From Jill Gleim : The google doc is priceless, thank you!

21:03:14 From Marlene Yeni-Maitland : Hello from New Jersey

21:08:01 From Alan Berquist : Alan from Tallahassee, FL

21:08:04 From Tao Neuendorffer Flaherty : Hello from Tao in Pittsburgh, PA

21:08:05 From Jill Gleim : Jill Gleim is here from Ipswich ma

21:08:06 From Charlotte Leng : Charlotte Long hello from Malaysia

21:08:07 From Rebecca : Rebecca Hample, Austin, Texas. 

21:08:07 From Stephen Neely : Stephen Neely, Pittsburgh PA USA!

21:08:10 From Nicole Brockmann : Hi-hi everyone, Nicole Brockmann from Indianapolis!

21:08:11 From Katherine Smith : Katherine from Perth, Australia

21:08:12 From Clinton : Clinton Pratt from Cincinnati OH! Can’t stay long but wanted to see what it was like, thanks!

21:08:13 From Leslie Upchurch : Leslie Upchurch New York CIty

21:08:18 From Renat Brisbane : Hello from Brisbane Australia

21:08:20 From Anthony Molinaro : Anthony Molinaro, Pittsburgh!

21:08:24 From Loretta Fois : Loretta Fois from Somerville, New Jersey

21:08:27 From ARLENE_ CHNG : Arlene from Singapore

21:08:29 From Helen Tuckey : Helen Tuckey Western Australia via Katherine Smith

21:08:34 From Isabel Santillana : Isabel Santillana from Oaxaca, México :) hello

21:16:19 From Loretta Fois : Here is the link to Bniie Bainbragde Cohen free workshop:

21:17:06 From Loretta Fois : Soory, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

21:21:53 From Val Beatson : Valerie Beatson West Palm Beach FL

21:30:35 From Helen Tuckey : There’s a story “Commotion in the Ocean” and when I visit kindergartens as a musician, we do this with sound effects in the story on violin and viola, but then we have the kids using their bodies to be the various animals and respond to the sound.  The sting ray is very popular too

21:31:02 From Marlene Yeni-Maitland : Lovely Adriana!

21:31:04 From Helen Tuckey : Loved this, Adriana!

21:31:19 From Laura Liben : Thanks you so much Adriana!

21:33:00 From Anthony Molinaro : Great ideas Adriana.

21:37:25 From Mona : Thank you, Katherine for the lovely sharing! Learnt how to use other instruments for teaching…Thanks!

21:37:55 From Jill Gleim : Wonderful ideas Adriana, thank you.

21:38:01 From Mona : Thank you Helen for a lovely share on working with seniors… ;o)

21:38:38 From Rebecca : Wonderful everyone.  Thank you for the inspiration!

21:40:44 From Rebecca : We really could reach more people this way, actually. I wonder how much we could offer these kinds of classes to people at home who would not otherwise have access to this...

21:45:22 From Anthony Molinaro : I liked the idea of Turning off the instructor video and getting them away from staring at the screen.

21:46:36 From Rebecca : I wonder if they could pass a movement within the gallery view. 

21:46:37 From Katherine Smith : LOVE that, Weronika!

21:46:55 From Jacob Rhodebeck : Yes, we love that!

21:47:05 From Nicole Brockmann : I think there’s also a difference in engagement between when the teacher is looking at the images of the students on the screen vs. when the teacher is actually looking at and talking to the webcam. It feels weird for us, but it makes the people on the other end feel like you’re really looking at them rather than looking slightly away from them.

21:47:08 From Mona : That’s great, Weronika!! Gonna “steal” from you now..Lololol

21:47:09 From Weronika Balewski : The book with glum fish is “Haroun and the Sea of Stories” by Salman Rushdie

21:47:49 From Laura Liben : How old were the kids you did this with, with the objects. Weronika?

21:48:09 From Weronika Balewski : Laura, they were 11 and 12 (6th graders)

21:48:44 From Laura Liben : Thx!

21:49:13 From Anthony Molinaro : Loretta is that really your background?  That’s wild.

21:49:29 From Alice Mosley : I haven't got a gallery view on my screen. Is there a way of getting it, or have you programmed it for seeing only the speaker?

21:49:49 From Loretta Fois : Yes, the head chakra. Given to me from my daughter

21:50:00 From Weronika Balewski : Thank you Nicole for that comment! Alice, you can do it now. Top right corner, click the 9 little squares

21:50:26 From Alan Berquist : Or click Speaker View so it switches to Gallery View

21:50:50 From Jacob Rhodebeck : For children I imagine where the teacher is looking makes a big difference

21:50:57 From Marlene Yeni-Maitland : From Marlene Yeni-Maitland to Alice Mosley...Hi!

21:50:59 From Rebecca : I was thinking about something for Chris to make it silly for his college students.  Like something Brady Bunch like

21:53:01 From Leslie Upchurch : Weronika, do you have blue light glasses?

21:53:22 From Weronika Balewski : No i need to get some would love recommendations for blue light glasses!

21:53:44 From Loretta Fois : Can you send a link for the glasses?

21:54:26 From Alice Mosley : Thank you, Weronika and Stephen for Master-minding these meetings! What a treasure trove for us to delve into!

21:54:48 From Marlene Yeni-Maitland : It cuts down on fatigue

21:54:56 From Nicole Brockmann : Software like f.lux can also do this, and there’s some settings on mobile devices that can also help

21:55:24 From Rebecca : What a delightful evening.  Thank you so much for doing these!

21:55:28 From Laura Liben : Hi- Laura from NYC! (Upper West Side)

21:55:30 From Jill Gleim : Thanks Everyone.  Stay safe and well.

21:55:31 From Pauline : Hi all, Pauline Huang from NYC!

21:55:34 From Alice Mosley : Alice Mosley from San Francisco

21:55:38 From Jacob Rhodebeck : Christine Free and Jacob Rhodebeck, New York

21:55:40 From Helen Tuckey : Thank you everyone, so many great ideas!

21:55:52 From Chris Rose : in Bennington, VT!

21:55:59 From Mona : Thank you, Stephen and Weronika for these get-togethers. Unfortunately, I missed the past few ones. This is my 1st and it’s tremendous to see so many people….nice.. Thanks!

21:56:04 From Katherine Smith : Thank you for doing that, Stephen and Weronika! We down here in the Southern Hemisphere really appreciate being able to join live.

21:56:33 From Leslie Upchurch : Hi Nicole!

21:56:37 From Charlotte Leng : Yes another big thank you from us folks in Malayisa/Singapore/Thailand! It’s so wonderful to be all connected together!

21:57:01 From Loretta Fois : Thank you presenters and Stephen and Weronika!

21:57:09 From Marlene Yeni-Maitland : Thank you Stephen and Weronika!

21:57:37 From Leslie Upchurch : Great seeing so many of you. I am so happy to get ideas and now that I have fewer classes - phew - I will make it to more meetings.

21:57:40 From Anthony Molinaro : Can’t wait for master classes!

21:57:45 From Anthony Molinaro : Great idea!

21:57:49 From Tao Neuendorffer : Thank you all. I really appreciate all the comments and reactions as well as the presentations.

21:58:05 From Mona : Thank you, Katherine, Adriana and Leslie for your wonderful sharing. Motivated…. ;o))

21:58:05 From Renat Brisbane : Thank you so much Stephen and Weronika for connecting us all

21:58:07 From Rebecca : I'm so excited for the masterclasses!

21:58:51 From Alice Mosley : Ach! Is it too late then to listen to/watch the ealier VDMs?

21:59:10 From Stephen Neely : Alice…it is not.

21:59:28 From Stephen Neely : if you have access to the google doc at the beginning of this chat, you can find the videos

22:01:10 From Alice Mosley : thanks, stephen!

22:01:13 From Jill Gleim : Brilliant, hurray!

22:01:17 From Rebecca : Thank you!

22:01:18 From Alan Berquist : Thank you again!

22:01:28 From Val Beatson : Thanks everyone- so rich!

22:01:29 From Leslie Upchurch to Stephen Neely (Privately) : Hi Stephen! Thank you!!

22:01:31 From Nicole Brockmann : Many thanks, see you all virtually soon! :)

22:01:34 From Charlotte Leng : Thank you so very much! Looking forward to all the future events! Best wishes!

22:01:38 From ARLENE_ CHNG : thank you everyone!!

22:02:31 From Adriana Ausch : Adriana: Good luck for everyone!

22:02:34 From Alice Mosley : Should l we be able to see a gallery of all participants? I only see the speaker, not even myself.