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"What's Buggy?" you ask.

It is the quintessential interdisciplinary sport and it's one of Carnegie Mellon University's longest held traditions.

This annual student-led relay race, officially known as "Sweepstakes," partners designers, engineers, mechanics and athletes. Together, these brilliant, quirky, creative minds produce a buggy — an aerodynamic vehicle with no engine. It's powered by brains and brawn alone.

In just over two minutes, teams of power-pushing men and women race around a .84 mile track with buggy and driver leading the way around Schenley Park's Flagstaff Hill, with speeds up to 40 mph.

Every April during Spring Carnival, students, alumni and community fans watch Buggy teams compete for the annual title.

A photo of a pusher racing a buggy

The Teams

Each team has six members: five pushers and a driver. Behind the scenes, designers, engineers and mechanics join forces to craft a racing machine and a work of art. The best of the best vie for a spot in the finals.

2019 race results 
A photo of a buggy race in 1920.

The Legacy

The Buggy has evolved over the last century — in shape, size, weight and material. From punchy machine names to secret Buggy shops, Sweepstakes has a language all its own.

Explore the last 99 years of Buggy
A photo of a student riding a fair ride

The Scene

Sweepstakes takes place every year during Spring Carnival. Spring Carnival is one of the biggest events of the school year — it's open to the entire community.



What's in a Name?

Well, a lot. Buggy names are like insider terms around here. These quirky titles reflect team energy, design and tradition. 

See who's making a comeback and who's new on the asphalt. 

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