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NIH 1 P01 AG032131, "Membrane-Mediated Toxicity of β-Amyloid Oligomers," M. Lösche (PI), $1,908,700. With J.E. Hall, C.G. Glabe (both UC Irvine), M. Deserno (CMU Physics), and G. Valincius (Inst. of Biochemistry, Vilnius, Lithuania).

DOC MSE 70NANB8H8009, "Ultra-high resolution neutron reflection metrology for the analysis of protein-membrane interactions," M. Lösche (PI), $856,500.

AHAF A2008-307, "Lipid Bilayer Reorganization by Amyloid-β Oligomers," M. Lösche (PI), $149,900.

Progeria Research Foundation, "Quantification of Progerin Recruitment to Membranes," K.N. Dahl (PI), $50,000.


NSF-OISE 0634645, “Physical and Chemical Aspects of Molecular Biology,” M. Lösche (PI), $37,300. 5th US-Mexican Workshop on Current Problems in Complex Fluids in Puebla, México, January, 2007. With Rolando Castillo (Universidade National Autónoma de México).

NIH R21 EB004877, “Fluidity and structural properties of asymmetric planar lipid bilayers,” A. Gericke, Kent State University (PI), $402,400 ($195,900 for CMU Physics).

NSF-CBET 0555201, “NIRT: Nanoscale engineering of bilaterally accessible membrane mimics,” M. Lösche (PI), $1,100,000. With M.E. Paulaitis (Ohio State University), J.E. Erlebacher (Johns Hopkins University) and J.J. Kasianowicz (NIST-EEEL).

NSF-CBET 0457148, supplement to NSF-NIRT grant, M. Lösche (PI), $75,200. With G. Valincius (Inst. of Biochemistry, Vilnius, Lithuania).

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