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People: Supramolecular Structures Lab

students The group of Professor Mathias Lösche is currently located at two different institutions: The Physics Department of Carnegie Mellon and the NIST Center for Neutron Research. We all share common research objectives but focus on different aspects, and use different techniques as work horses. This area provides information about the players in both fields ...






Marilia Cabral Do Rego Barros
Grad student
CMU, WeH 6315, 412-268-2729
Amanda Bodnar
Admin. assistant
CMU, WeH 6325, 412-268-8367
Rebecca Eells
Grad student
CMU, WeH 6315, 412-268-2729
Frank Heinrich
Research professor
NCNR, 301-975-4507
Brian Josey
Grad student
CMU, WeH 6315, 412-268-2729
Hirsh Nanda
Research scientist
(faculty track)
NCNR, 301-975-8367

Mathias Lösche
... the lab's PI

CMU, WeH 6311, 412-268-2735
NCNR, 301-975-8128

Swati Venkat CMU, WeH 6315, 412-268-2729



Duncan J. McGillivray, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Auckland, NZ, (Post-doc 2004–2006)

Markus Weygand, Hecus X-ray Systems GmbH, Graz, AT, (Special faculty 2006–2009)

Avishek Kumar, Graduate Student, Dept. Physics, Arizona State, Tucson, AZ, (Undergrad 2007–2009)

Radu Moldovan, Advanced Light Microscopy Core Facility Manager, Department of Medicine, University of Colorado, Denver, CO, (Post-doc 2006–2010)

Agnieszka Kalinowski, Psychiatry Resident, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, (MD/PhD Grad student 2006–2011)

Siddharth S. Shenoy, TechnologyAssociate, Thompson Reuters, Inc., New York, NY, (Grad student 2006–2012)

Prabhanshu Shekhar, Intel Corp., Portland OR (Grad student 2006–2012)

Goh Haw-Zan, Post-Doc, Nanyang Technological University, School of Mats. Sci. & Eng., Singapore, (Grad student 2007–2013)

Matteo Broccio, Lecturer, Dept. of Physics, University of Pittsburgh, PA, (Post-doc 2007–2011)

Samuel Rauhala, The Ellis School, Pittsburgh, PA (Grad student 2008–2009)

Peter N. Yaron, Product Development Engineer, Lexmark. Inc., Boulder, CO,, (Post-doc 2010–2011)

David Fraebel, Graduate Student, Dept. of Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, (Undergrad 2011–2013)

Stefanie Rintoul, Pittsburgh, PA, (BioMedEng Master's thesis 2012)