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F. Heinrich, S. Chakravarthy, H. Nanda, A. Papa, P.P. Pandolfi, A.H. Ross, R. K. Harishchandra, A. Gericke, M. Lösche, The PTEN tumor suppressor forms homodimers in solution, Structure (2015), in press.
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T. L. Yap, Z. Jiang, F. Heinrich, J. M. Gruschus, C .M. Pfefferkorn, M. Barros, J .E. Curtis, E. Sidransky, J. C. Lee, Structural features of membrane-bound glucocerebrosidase and α-synuclein probed by neutron reflectometry and fluorescence spectroscopy, J. Biol. Chem. 290 (2015), 744 - 754.
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H. Nanda, F. Heinrich, and M. Lösche, Membrane association of the PTEN tumor suppressor: Neutron scattering and MD simulations reveal the structure of protein-membrane complexes, Methods 77–78 (2015), 136 - 146.
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A. Kalinowski, P. N. Yaron, Z. Qin, S. Shenoy, M. J. Buehler, M. Lösche, and K. N. Dahl, Interfacial binding and aggregation of lamin A tail domains associated with Hutchinson–Gilford progeria syndrome, Biophys. Chem. 195 (2014), 43 - 38.
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A. Benedetto, F. Heinrich, M. A. Gonzalez, G. Fragneto, E. Watkins, P. Ballone, Structure and Stability of Phospholipid Bilayers Hydrated by a Room-Temperature Ionic Liquid/Water Solution: A Neutron Reflectometry Study, J. Phys. Chem. B 118 (2014), 12192 - 12206.

R. Pulido, J. T. Barata, A. Carracedo, V. J. Sid, I. D. Chin-Sang, V. Davé, J. den Hertog, P. Devreotes, B. Eickholt, C. Eng, F. B. Furnari, M. M. Georgescu, A. Gericke, B. Hopkins, X. Jiang, S. R. Lee, M. Lösche, P. Malaney, X. Matias-Guiu, M. Molina, P. P. Pandolfi, R. Parsons, P. Pinton, C. Rivas, R. M. Rocha, M. S. Rodriguez, A. H. Ross, A. Serrano, V. Stambolic, B. Stiles, A. Suzuki, S. S. Tan, N. K. Tonks, L. C. Trotman, N. Wolff, R. Woscholski, H. Wu, and N. R. Leslie, A unified nomenclature and amino acid numbering for human PTEN, Sci. Signal. 7 (2014), pe15.

F. Heinrich and M. Lösche, Zooming in on disordered systems: Neutron reflection studies of proteins associated with fluid membranes, Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1838 (2014), 2341 - 2349.
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F. Heinrich, H. Nanda, H. Z. Goh, C. Bachert, M. Lösche, and A. D. Linstedt, Myristoylation restricts orientation of the GRASP domain on membranes and promotes membrane tethering, J. Biol. Chem. 289 (2014), 9683 - 9691.
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A. Gericke, N. R. Leslie, M. Lösche, and A. H. Ross, PI(4,5)P2-mediated cell signaling: Emerging principles and PTEN as a paradigm for regulatory mechanism, Ch. 6 in: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, Vol. 991, Lipid-Mediated Membrane Targeting of Proteins, Ed.: D. G. S. Capelluto (Springer, New York, 2013), 85 - 104.
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R. Budvytyte, M. Mickevicius, D. J. Vanderah, F. Heinrich and G. Valincius, Modification of tethered bilayers by phospholipid exchange with vesicles. Langmuir 29 (2013), 4320 - 4327.

A. Kalinowski, Z. Qin, K. Coffey, R. Kodali, M. J. Buehler, M. Lösche, K. N. Dahl, Calcium causes a conformational change in lamin A tail domain that promotes farnesyl-mediated membrane association, Biophys. J. 104 (2013), 2246 - 2253.
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R. Budvytyte, G. Valincius, G. Niaura, V. Voiciuk, M. Mickevicius, H. Chapman, H.-Z. Goh, P. Shekhar, F. Heinrich, S. Shenoy, M. Lösche, and D. J. Vanderah, Structure and properties of tethered bilayer lipid membranes with unsaturated anchor molecules, Langmuir 29 (2013), 8645 - 8656.
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S. Shenoy, H. Nanda and M. Lösche, Membrane association of the PTEN tumor suppressor: Electrostatic interaction with phosphatidylserine-containing bilayers and regulatory role of the C-terminal tail, J. Struct. Biol. 180 (2012), 394 - 408.
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Goh H. Z., C. Tan, M. Deserno, F. Lanni, and M. Lösche, Hemifusion of giant unilamellar vesicles with planar hydrophobic surfaces: A fluorescence microscopy study, Soft Matter 8 (2012), 10877 - 10886.
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C. M. Pfefferkorn, F. Heinrich, A. J. Sodt, A. S. Maltsev, R. W. Pastor and J. C. Lee, Depth of α-synuclein in a bilayer determined by fluorescence, neutron reflectometry, and computation, Biophys. J. 102 (2012), 613 - 621.

S. S. Pai, F. Heinrich, A. L. Canady, T. M. Przybycien and R. D. Tilton, Coverage-dependent morphology of PEGylated lysozyme layers adsorbed on silica, J. Colloid Interf. Sci. 370 (2012), 170 - 175.

B. J. Kirby, P. A. Kienzle, B. B. Maranville, N. F. Berk, J. Krycka, F. Heinrich and C. F. Majkrzak, Phase-sensitive specular neutron reflectometry for imaging the nanometer scale composition depth profile of thin-film materials, Curr. Opin. Colloid Interf. Sci. 17 (2012), 44 - 53.

G. J. Hardy, R. Nayak, S. Munir Alam, J. G. Shapter, F. Heinrich and S. Zauscher, Biomimetic supported lipid bilayers with high cholesterol content, J. Mater. Chem. 22 (2012), 19506 - 19513.

S. Shenoy, P. Shekhar, F. Heinrich, M.-C. Daou, A. Gericke, A. H. Ross, and M. Lösche, Membrane association of the PTEN tumor suppressor: Molecular details of the protein-membrane complex from SPR binding studies and neutron reflection, PLoS One 7 (2012), e32591.
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M. I. Lioudyno, M. Broccio, Y. Sokolov, S. Rasool, J. Wu, M. T. Alkire, V. Liu, J. A. Kozak, P. R. Dennison, C. G. Glabe, M. Lösche, and J. E. Hall, Effect of synthetic Aβ peptide oligomers and fluorinated solvents on Kv1.3 channel properties and membrane conductance, PLoS One 7 (2012), e35090.
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P. N. Yaron, B. D. Holt, P. A. Short, M. Lösche, M. F. Islam, and K. N. Dahl, Single wall carbon nanotubes enter cells by endocytosis and not membrane penetration, J. Nanobiotechn. 9 (2011), 45-1 - 15.
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S. A. K. Datta, F. Heinrich, S. Raghunandan, S. Krueger, J. E. Curtis, A. Rein and H. Nanda, HIV-1 Gag extension: Conformational changes require simultaneous interaction with membrane and nucleic acid, J. Mol. Biol. 406 (2011), 205 - 214.

P. Shekhar, H. Nanda, M Lösche, and F. Heinrich, Continuous distribution model for the investigation of complex molecular architectures near interfaces with scattering techniques, J. Appl. Phys. 110 (2011), 102216-1 - 12.
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C. F. Majkrzak, E. Carpenter, F. Heinrich and N. F. Berk, When beauty is only skin deep; optimizing the sensitivity of specular neutron reflectivity for probing structure beneath the surface of thin films, J. Appl. Phys. 110 (2011), 102212-1 - 14.


H. Nanda, S. Datta, F. Heinrich, M. Lösche, J. E. Curtis, A. Rein, S. Krueger, Electrostatic interactions and binding orientation of HIV-1 matrix, studied by neutron reflectivity, Biophys. J. 99 (2010), 2516 - 2524. BJ Website / download paper / download supplement

P. Cizas, R. Budvytyte, R. Morkuniene, R. Moldovan, M. Broccio, M. Lösche, G. Niaura, G. Valincius, and V. Borutaite, Size-dependent neurotoxicity of β-amyloid oligomers, Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 496 (2010), 84 - 92. ABB Website / download paper

S. Shenoy, R. Moldovan, J. Fitzpatrick, D. J. Vanderah, M. Deserno, and M. Lösche, In-plane homogeneity and lipid dynamics in tethered Bilayer Lipid Membranes (tBLMs), Soft Matter 6 (2010), 1263 - 1274. Soft Matter Website / download paper

M. B. Smith, D. J. McGillivray, J. Genzer, M. Lösche, and P. K. Kilpatrick, Neutron reflectometry of supported hybrid bilayers with inserted peptide, Soft Matter 6 (2010), 862 - 865. Soft Matter Website / download paper

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S. A. Holt, A. P. Le Brun, C. F. Majkrzak, D. J. McGillivray, F. Heinrich, M. Lösche and J. H. Lakey, An ion-channel-containing membrane: Structural determination by magnetic contrast neutron reflectometry, Soft Matter 5 (2009), 2576 - 2586.
Soft Matter Website / download paper / download supplement

F. Heinrich, T. Ng, D. J. Vanderah, P. Shekhar, M. Mihailescu, H. Nanda, and M. Lösche, A new lipid anchor for sparsely-tethered bilayer lipid membranes, Langmuir 25 (2009), 4219 - 4229. Langmuir Website / download paper

D. J. McGillivray, G. Valincius, F. Heinrich, J. W. F. Robertson, D. J. Vanderah, W. Febo-Ayala, I. Ignatjev, M. Lösche, and J. J. Kasianowicz, Structure of functional Staphylococcus aureus α-hemolysin channels in tethered bilayer lipid membranes, Biophys. J. 96 (2009), 1547 - 1553. BJ Website / download paper / download supplement

G. Valincius, F. Heinrich, R. Budvytyte, D. J. Vanderah, D. J. McGillivray, Y. Sokolov, J. E. Hall, and M. Lösche, Soluble amyloid β oligomers affect dielectric membrane properties by bilayer insertion and domain formation: Implications for cell toxicity, Biophys. J. 95 (2008), 4845 - 4861. BJ Website / download paper / download supplement

W. Knoll, R. Naumann, M. Friedrich, J. W. F. Robertson, M. Lösche, F. Heinrich, D. J. McGil-livray, B. Schuster, P. C. Gufler, D. Pum, and U. B. Sleytr, Solid supported lipid membranes: New concepts for the biomimetic functionalization of solid surfaces, Biointerphases 3 (2008), FA125 - FA135. download paper

I. K. Vockenroth, C. Ohm, J. W. F. Robertson, D. J. McGillivray, M. Lösche, and I. Köper, Stable insulating tethered bilayer lipid membranes, Biointerphases 3 (2008), FA68 – FA73. download paper

D. J. McGillivray, G. Valincius, D. J. Vanderah, W. Febo-Ayala, J. T. Woodward, F. Heinrich, J. J. Kasianowicz, and M. Lösche, Molecular-scale structural and functional characterization of sparsely tethered bilayer membranes, Biointerphases 2 (2007), 21 – 33. download paper / download supplement

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