Research Highlights:


Precise Structures






Peptides in Membranes




Water Permeability Through Membranes



           Olle Edholm, Dept. Physics, Theoretical Biological Physics, KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.  Project includes comparing MD simulations with x-ray experimental data.

          Norbert Kučerka, National Research Council of Canada, Neutron Beam Centre, Chalk River, Canada.  Projects include use of computer software to compare simulation, x-ray and neutron scattering data, ULVs.

           Jonathan Sachs, Dept. Biomedical Engineering, Univ. of Minnesota , Minneapolis, MN.  Projects include the cholesterol-recognition CRAC motif, alpha-synuclein and comparisons of MD simulations and x-ray data of cholesterol/lipid.

          John Mathai and Mark Zeidel, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts. Project includes studying water flow through lipid membranes, with and without cholesterol.,-d-,MarkL,-d-,Zeidel.aspx, Medicine/ Divisions/Nephrology/Investigators/Dr,-d-,MarkL,-d-,Zeidel/Faculty/Dr,-d-,JohnMathai.aspx

          Alan Grossfield, Dept. Biochemistry & Biophysics, School of Medicine and Dentistry, Univ. of Rochester.  Projects include comparison of wide-angle simulations with x-ray data.             

           Edgar Kooijman, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio.   Projects include how the fusion peptide from the HIV-1 virus affects lipid curvature.

           Rumiana Dimova, Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Dept. of Theory and Biosystems, Potsdam, Germany. Project includes microscopy of fluctuating vesicles undergoing fusion with the HIV fusion peptide.

           David Weliky, Dept. Chemistry, Michigan State Univ, E. Lansing, Michigan.  Project includes use of the trimer of the fusion peptide to investigate its interactions with lipid membranes.   

           Beate Kloesgen, Dept. of Physics and Chemistry, Univ. S. Denmark, Odense, Denmark. Project includes study of fluctuations in charged lipid systems .

              Ron Montelaro, Co-Director, Center for Vaccine Research, Microbiology & Molecular Genetics
9016 BST3, 3501 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15261.

        Judith Klein-Seetharam, Metabolic & Vascular Health, Room B037, University of Warwick Coventry
CV4 7AL .