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EXCEL groups are offered for a select number of traditionally difficult courses. Groups meet weekly throughout the term and are facilitated by trained student leaders who have already completed the course and earned an A. The groups are comprised of up to nine students and are formed on an as-needed basis, with multiple groups per course. Sessions are interactive and geared specifically to the group members. Register now to be matched to a group.

Spring 2018 EXCEL Supported Courses (tentative)

Course #Course NameProfessor
03-121 Modern Biology Jarvik/Lanni/Brasier/Wong
03-231 Biochemistry I Hackney/Lee
06-261 Fluid Mechanics Anna
06-262 Math Methods of ChemE Whitehead
09-218 Organic Chemistry II Das
18-100 Intro to ECE Carley/Sullivan
18-240 Structure & Design of Digital Systems Ghose/Nace
18-290 Signals & Systems Sankaranarayanan/Stern
21-127 Concepts of Math Johnson/Radcliffe
21-241 Matrices & Linear Transformations Flaherty/Zu
21-259 Calculus in 3D Schimmerling/Ervin
21-260 Differential Equations Mihai
24-231 Fluid Mechanics Mcgaughey
33-121 Physics I for Science Students Ghosh/Walker
33-142 Physics II for Engineering and Physics Students Gilman/Klein
42-202 Physiology Campbell