Carnegie Mellon University

Big ideas start here …

… and then go to market.

Carnegie Mellon University has quickly become one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial universities in the United States:

CMU creates an environment — our innovation ecosystem — in which top talent generates and pursues groundbreaking ideas, and then transforms those innovations into viable commercial businesses.

The work that originates at CMU — from software engineering and robotics to advanced materials, design and everything in between — is driven by people whose thinking knows no boundaries.

The potential for the next big idea is unlimited.

The organic blending of information and experience across academic disciplines is a characteristic that has long set CMU apart from its peers. While that uninterrupted dynamic is essential for innovation, the incubation of ideas and opportunities that result is by no means left to chance.

Entrepreneurship On Campus

The Carnegie Mellon Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE)

The Carnegie Mellon Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), the umbrella organization for entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon, formed by the Research and Technology Commercialization Committee (RTCC) of the CMU Board of Trustees on November 2, 2012, partners with all CMU academic units and research/innovation centers in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship

Through cutting-edge entrepreneurial research, preparing students to lead innovation, change and growth in startups, emerging companies and mature organizations …

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Project Olympus

Exploring the commercial potential of research and innovation by providing mentoring, micro grants, startup advice, incubator space and connections with investors …

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Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund (OFEF)

The newly created OFEF at Carnegie Mellon University provides early-stage business financing to alumni who have graduated from CMU within the past five years …

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The following on-campus resources, which are housed under and/or work in close partnership and collaboration with the CIE, drive innovation that spurs economic growth.

Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC)

CTTEC is responsible for facilitating and accelerating the movement of research and technology out of the university and into the marketplace. Our collaborative and problem-solving approach working with researchers to validate, challenge and extend their work fits well within the overall goals of commercialization …

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Institute for Social Innovation (ISI)

Through education, research and partnerships, ISI fosters social entrepreneurship to address many challenging issues facing society. The ISI sponsors a variety of initiatives around social innovation …

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