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Friday, July 26, 2013

Restaurant packed? Use your smartphone to get in line

It’s not often that Pittsburgh gets to be the first city to try out a new consumer app or tech — that’s frequently left to San Francisco or New York City — but homegrown NoWait is offering its latest function here.

The company is beta testing the ability for people to get in line for certain restaurants from their smartphones. NoWait has already been allowing people to “wait where you want,” as the company describes it, through its restaurant management system that allows customers to receive a text message when their table is ready thereby cutting out the clunky buzzer system of many restaurants.

However, until now to do this customers still had to walk into the restaurant and talk to the host. This new function allows people using a mobile website,, to see the wait times at select restaurants and then easily enter a name and phone number to get on that waiting list before arriving.

“This is fulfillment of my early vision,” said president and chief product officer Robb Myer. From the earliest time we started talking to Myer and the team at NoWait the ability to get in line before arriving at a restaurant has always been a goal.

So far, seven restaurants around Pittsburgh are using this tool including popular spots (with long waits) like Burgatory and BRGR...Read more»

By: Malia Spencer