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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Meet the Winners in our Grand Rounds Innovation Showdown: Beyond Lucid and Liviam

If there’s one thing the health care industry needs, it’s technology innovation that’s actually usable for both doctors and patients.

To help identify the next generation of industry-changing innovations, VentureBeat’s HealthBeat conference included a Grand Rounds Innovation Showdown that pitted some of the most promising startups against a panel of expert investor judges.

We received hundreds of nominations, and narrowed the field down to just 10 finalists. Today, those finalists made their pitches onstage at HealthBeat.

We looked at five startups in each of two stages of development: those that have received $3 million or more in Series A or later funding, and those have received $300,000 to $3 million in seed-stage or early Series A funding.

The winners are Beyond Lucid, the maker of a tablet app for emergency medical responders; and Liviam, a social networking tool for people with serious illnesses.

The winners and two of the judges are pictured above. From left: Bob Kocher, a partner at Venrock; Josh Margulies, founder and chief executive of Liviam; Missy Krasner, a partner at Morgenthaler Ventures; and Jonathon Feit, a cofounder of Beyond Lucid.

Series A and above

WINNER: Beyond Lucid Technologies

Beyond Lucid Technologies created a tablet app and device system that serves emergency medical responders when they’re out on the road answering calls. It ties location data to an emergency document for a specific patient, but it won’t connect it to the Internet, so the location data works in any type of weather. It can send patient data within 30 seconds, so doctors aren’t waiting for a piece of paper with the responder’s scribbles about the situation. It’s available for $1,500 per mobile license. Currently, the company has raised $600,000...Read more»

By: Dylan Tweney and Meghan Kelly