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Friday, January 25, 2013

Aurochs Brewing partners hoist plans to market gluten-free brew

Doug Foster and Ryan Bove are entering the beer business by writing their own personal Reinheitsgebot, taking the centuries-old German beer purity law and revising it to match their own dietary needs.

Working with seed money from a handful of programs originating from Carnegie Mellon University and other startup funds, where Bove was a student at the Tepper School of Business, Foster and Bove are preparing for a spring commercial launch of what is believed to be the region’s first gluten-free beer.

They call it Aurochs Brewing, named after an ancient breed of wild cattle that went extinct partly because it lost its natural habitat of grasslands on cultivated farmlands often used to grow barley.

The motivating force driving Foster and Bove to launch Auroch was the mismatch between their desire for good beer and the gluten intolerance that doesn’t allow for the drinking of a beverage German purity dictates can only be made with barley, hops and water.

“I’m a career celiac. I’ve been gluten-free since I was 5 years old,” Foster said. “For 18 or 20 years, there weren’t many people that even knew what it was. In the last five or so years, you’ve seen a lot of people get diagnosed.”

Bove came to understand his gluten intolerance only a few years ago when he became seriously ill and lost about 30 pounds. He became healthy again after cutting gluten from his diet.

But as a college student who drank good beer both here and abroad, Bove realized that to enjoy a gluten-free version of his liking he might have to make it himself...Read more»

By: Tim Schooley