Faculty Application Process-Project Olympus - Carnegie Mellon University

Faculty Application Process

Faculty Application Process

To apply to become an Olympus faculty PROBE, you must meet with Lenore Blum and complete the application below. Project Olympus encourages and supports entrepreneurship across Carnegie Mellon’s campus. Olympus provides start-up advice, micro-grants, market analysis, incubator space, and connections. Olympus takes no equity. We ask that you “give back” to Olympus through your support in the future and also by mentioning Olympus in your press and publicity as you grow.

To become part of Project Olympus, you must apply to become a PROBE (PRoblem-Oriented Business Exploration). We call you a PROBE or project because you may be pre-company formation. Once you are a PROBE, you will be on our website. Olympus requests that you keep your information up to date for our site, including any project or company name changes and logos.

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