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Carnegie Mellon students who participate in the CMU/WSP will earn a total of 48 units, and their courses and grades will be listed on their Carnegie Mellon University transcripts. Students will intern three days a week or approximately 24-25 hours and take classes the remaining two days and in the evenings. Students will take the following courses while in Washington, DC:

Core Seminar (12 units)

Students will have a choice of a core seminar.  The fall 2015 options are:

  • The Supreme Court
  • Congress
  • General Research Seminar
  • International Politics and The Global System of the 21st Century
  • Washington Media
  • The Presidency and the Executive Branch
  • Research Design for the Social Sciences

Elective Seminar (12 units)
Students will select an elective seminar taught by any of the UCDC consortium members. The fall 2015 options include:

  • American Political Journalism 
  • Fiscal Policy-Making in the U.S.
  • Sports, Politics, and Society
  • The Communicator's Dilemma: Covering Politics and Government with Speed and Depth in an Age of Twitter
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Lobbying, Money, and Influence in Washington 
  • 21st Century Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Green Governance
  • Spies! The Politics of Intelligence
  • The Theater of Politics 
  • U.S. Foreign Relations with Asia
  • Politics of the Middle East

Internship Seminar (15 units)
Taught By: Dr. Joseph Devine,

The internship is the experiential “core” of the Washington Semester Program.  Typically involving three days per week, the internship provides you with first-hand professional experience while also maintaining focus on a set of expected learning outcomes.  In addition, we will meet in the weekly seminar to report and reflect on your internship experiences.   The internship and internship seminar require approximately 27-28 hours per week.  You will earn 15 CMU units of credit for the internship and internship seminar.

Policy Forum (9 units)
Taught By: Dr. Kiron Skinner,

Carnegie Mellon University’s Policy Forum course takes a critical look at Washington, DC, as an arena for decision making in domestic politics and US foreign policy.  It does so through weekly roundtable discussions with a diverse set of thought leaders.  Based on intellectually significant essays that students are expected to read in advance of each class, these discussions give students an opportunity to ask probing questions about the three branches of the US government, media, embassies, advocacy groups, international organizations, and nongovernmental organizations.

If you have any questions about academics, please contact the academic program manager, Emily Half.