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Carnegie Mellon students who participate in the CMU/WSP will earn a total of 48 units, and their courses and grades will be listed on their Carnegie Mellon University transcripts. Students will intern three days a week or approximately 24-25 hours and take classes the remaining two days and in the evenings. Students will take the following courses while in Washington, DC:

Core Seminar (12 units)

Students will have a choice of a core seminar.  The fall 2014 options are:

  • Congress
  • General Research Seminar
  • International Politics and The Global System of the 21st Century
  • Washington Media

Elective Seminar (12 units)
Students will select an elective seminar taught by any of the UCDC consortium members. The fall 2014 options include:

  • American Political Journalism (Notre Dame)
  • Campaigns and Elections (UCDC)
  • Lobbying, Money, and Influence in Washington (Notre Dame)
  • Middle East Politics and the Arab "Spring" (University of Michigan)
  • Spies! The Politics of Intelligence (UCDC)
  • The Theater of Politics (University of Michigan)

Internship Seminar (15 units)
Taught By: Dr. Joseph Devine,

Policy Forum (9 units)
Taught By: Dr. Kiron Skinner,

If you have any questions about academics, please contact the academic program manager, Emily Half.


Jae-Eun Kim
Jae-Eun Kim, CMU/WSP student in spring 2012, interned at the General Services Administration. She is currently participating in the accelerated MSPPM at the Heinz School.

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