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Study Abroad

Students interested in studying abroad should consult Carnegie Mellon University's Office of International Education. In addition, they should discuss their plans as early as possible with their academic advisers to determine the ideal time and best curricular fit for study abroad. International Relations and Politics students may consider taking IRP elective courses, language courses, General Education requirements, and free elective courses while abroad. All study abroad courses must be selected and approved by the student's academic adviser and faculty adviser prior to study abroad.  

Funding should not be a barrier to study abroad. The Office of International Education study abroad adviser can assist students in determining the best way to cover program expenses. In addition, numerous scholarships to help defray costs are available through OIE, the H&SS Dean's Office, and the Department of Modern Languages.

2014 IRP Study Abroad Locations:
  • Agentina, Buenos Aires 
  • Brazil, Sao Paolo
  • Chile
  • Denmark, Copenhagen
  • Dominican Republic, Monte Crisi
  • France, Paris
  • Germany, Freiburg
  • Honduras, Tegucigalpa
  • Italy, Rome
  • Panama, Santa Cruz
  • Scotland, Edinburgh
  • South Korea, Seoul
  • Spain, Granada
  • Wales