Opportunities for Students-Center for International Relations and Politics - Carnegie Mellon University

Professional Development

Students are encouraged to begin planning their professional development early in their college careers. They are also urged to take advantage of the variety of resources available to them at Carnegie Mellon University, including the Center for International Relations and Politics. This section outlines some options that students may wish to consider and highlights a few of the resources and opportunities available to them. 

Students should consult early on with their academic advisers, the Carnegie Mellon University Career and Professional Development Center, and the following faculty and administrators associated with the Center for International Relations and Politics:  

Kiron K. Skinner, Faculty Directory (and CIRP Director), kskinner@andrew.cmu.edu
Emily Half, IRP and CMUWSP Academic Adviser, ehalf@andrew.cmu.edu

Corinne RockoffCorinne Rockoff, IRP major, presented her senior thesis titled, "Case Studies in Selectorate Theory: Sucesses, Failures, and Alternate Explanations" at Meeting of the Minds on May 7, 2014.
Daniel DavisDaniel Davis presented his research titled, "L1 Effects on Articulation of Samaritan Hebrew" at Meeting of the Minds on May 7, 2014.