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Internships & Career Options

Global Studies is an attractive choice for students who wish to pursue graduate study or careers in law, teaching, government, business, and international development. Second language acquisition, which the Global Studies major requires, is a key “value added” skill that will assist graduates in finding interesting job opportunities.  The Career and Professional Development Center can assist students in all phases of career exploration, internship searching, and job searching.  The Dietrich College Career Consultant is also a resource for Global Studies students in developing personal statements and graduate school applications.

Global Studies students have the opportunity to enroll in a 9 unit Global Studies Internship Course during either the fall or spring semester.  This course provides Global Studies majors with a chance to explore global connections in Pittsburgh.  Majors, working in close consultation with the Global Studies director and academic program manager, may receive credit for a volunteer experience with a non-governmental organization (usually in Pittsburgh) whose mission has a global reach.

Dietrich College students are encouraged to find and undertake interesting internship opportunities for their summer employment. The Dietrich College Internship Insider (.pdf) provides helpful advice from Dietrich College students in identifying, applying for, and participating in a wide-range of internships.

We understand that many internship opportunities are unpaid, or, at best, provide minimal pay. Yet it is often these very positions that provide students with first-rate, challenging work experiences that are invaluable in helping them define and move forward to their career goals. 

A number of fellowship and grant opportunities (.pdf) exist to support students persuing unpaid or low-paying internships. The Dietrich College Dean’s Office has instituted the Dietrich College Summer Internship Opportunity Grants Program to make it easier for students to take advantage of less remunerative, worthwhile internship opportunities. Grants of up to $2,000 per internship are available.

Recent internships held by Global Studies majors include: