Undergraduate Innovation Scholar-Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Carnegie Mellon University

undergraduate Innovation Scholar Program

Attracts the brightest and best of the next generation of innovative thinkers and doers

Unique, two year program integrates academic coursework, experiential learning and entrepreneurial mentorship

Apply April 1 - 15, interviews follow

Benefits - undergraduate Innovation Scholar

  • 12 week paid summer internship at a startup between your junior and senior years (up to $6,000)
  • Internship could be at your own start-up
  • $1,000 grant to attend the Silicon Valley Trek
  • One year TiE Pittsburgh membership
  • One year MIT Enterprise Forum membership 
  • Spark Grants for specific projects

Requirements -  undergraduate Innovation Scholar

  • Current second year students in the second semester in ANY school or college at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Two year program, third and fourth years
  • Successful completion of one intro entrepreneurship course (see list below)
  • Participate in workshops and other events, document participation
  • Explore entrepreneurial opportunities with graduate students
  • Mentor those who follow you as Innovation Scholars

Introductory Entrepreneurship Courses

  • 70-415  Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    70-414  Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Engineers (Technology-based Entrepreneurship – CIT)
    70-420  Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Scientists
  • 70-421  Introduction to Entrepreneurship for Computer Scientists cross listed as 15-390 Computer Science


Submit applications to Mary Widom

Please combine parts 1 and 2 into a single pdf document and submit to Mary Widom    marywidom@cs.cmu.edu

Please use this subject line in you email: 
Innovation Scholar Application, Jane Smith

Part 1: Resume (1 pg max) attached to

Part 2: Personal Statement (2 pg max) including your
a. Entrepreneurial passions
b. Goals  (internship, immediately post-graduation, long-term)
c. Programs, courses and events you have attended while at CMU
d. Past and current entrepreneurial successes and failures
e. Plans to contribute to the evolution of CMU's entrepreneurial ecosystem
f. Role of the undergraduate Innovation Scholar program in achieving your goals

Both attached documents in 10-pt Arial font, 1.5 space, 1 inch margins in [pdf] format

Optional: Two letters of recommendations sent directly to Mary Widom  by the April 15 deadline. (1 page max each, 10-pt Arial font, 1.5 space, 1 inch margins)

Recommendations welcome from high school or Carnegie Mellon people.

For detailed information please download a copy of the Undergraduate Innovation Scholar Program Curriculum [.pdf]


Mary Widom or Kit Needham

undergraduate Innovation Scholar Program Goals

  1. Increase the number of successful startups initiated by or involving CMU undergraduate students.
  2. Broaden our undergraduates’ awareness of, education in, and involvement with the Carnegie Mellon Innovation Ecosystem. 
  3. Engage alumni and entrepreneurial experts through programs and mentorship for enhancement of the student experience and innovation ecosystem.

The undergraduate Innovation Scholar Program was created through the endowment from the McCune Foundation in 2013. The purpose of the grant is to foster innovation and entrepreneurship among undergraduate students.

Innovate Today: Starting Your Start-up Workshop

  • What: Innovate Today: Starting Your Start-up
  • Who: First and Second year undergraduates all CMU colleges
  • When: 2015
  • Where: to be announced
  • Why: Learn how to evaluate a business idea.
  • How: Student teams with coaches from recent CMU start-ups

No experience needed

For All CMU first and second year undergraduates

Select your team, or be assigned

Business ideas welcome

Explore.  Collaborate.  Discover.

Scholar Benefits

  • 12 week paid Summer internship (up to $6,000)
  • $1,000 grant for the Silicon Valley Trek
  • One year TiE Pittsburgh membership
  • One year MIT Enterprise Forum membership 
  • Spark Grants for projects

Scholar Program Dates

  • Scholar Application period: April 1 to 15, 2014
  • Interviews: April 2014
  • Acceptance: May 2014
  • Kick-off Meeting: September 2014

Scholar Curriculum

Curriculum [.pdf]