Demo and Poster Session-Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Carnegie Mellon University

Demo and Poster Session, 12:30 pm (open to the public)

Come see emerging technologies, products and services, including ones from the Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund, Traffic 21, Quality of Life Technology Center, Olympus PROBES, Innovation Works and the Disruptive Health Technology Institute.

Acrinta: Employee Wellness

Ashton Thomas, Joel Geiger

Acrinta lets employees choose the activities they enjoy while promoting gradual improvements. It doesn't matter where you start and we never compare individuals. We use relative improvements keeping your health status and activities private. Each day, individuals have an opportunity to achieve their own personal target which changes with them.

NetBeez: User-Centric Network Monitoring

Panickos Neophytou, Panos Vouzis, Stefano Gridelli and Allison Jones

NetBeez is a proactive monitoring solution that relies on distributed monitoring agents to replicate user interaction with the network and its applications. NetBeez allows companies to minimize service interruptions and improve the quality of their network services, which translates into large cost savings and improved delivery of business services.

QuantMD, LLC: Empowering Physicians with ‘Physics’ to See Standard Medical Images Differently

Prahlad G. Menon, PhD, Founder & CEO

QuantMD, LLC is a Pittsburgh based medical imaging analysis company with a global outreach servicing cutting-edge proprietary Healthcare Enhancement through Robust Algorithmic Diagnosis (HERALD™) of medical images, for early and non-invasive cardiovascular disease diagnostics, surgical planning and interventional guidance. We service subscription based enhanced diagnostic value over a geographically unlimited territory using a cloud-enabled platform enabling an Expertise Amplification StrategY through Remote NEtworked Workflow: EASY-RENEW™. Our suite of technologies enhance non-invasive image data and often obviate the requirement of invasive diagnostic procedures at a fraction of the cost, while extending non-invasive heart disease identification to an earlier stage than possible using contemporary image processing technology. Our proprietary analytics are presented in the form of conventional plots and 3D representations common-place to a cardiologist or cardiothoracic surgeon therefore providing a second reader to identify pathological traits from imaging data which are often impossible to estimate via mere visual inspection. We therefore empower the physician to administer the right treatment options in a timely fashion. Further, our high-performance hemodynamics optimization and 3D image fusion technologies facilitate translation of image-derived diagnostic information and optimal surgical plans to the operating room for guiding cardiovascular interventions.

Treatspace: Clinical Referrals, Engagement and Collaboration

Rick Cancelliere

Accountable Care, Health Reform and the HITECH Act are driving the adoption of new health technologies. Treatspace marries referral management, patient engagement and clinical collaboration onto a single platform and delivers a social-similar experience users understand how to use.

Baloonr, Amanda Greenberg

Cuing Kitchen, Dan "DD" Ding

Digital Dream Labs, Matt Stewart

First Person Vision, Brendan McManus

Innovesca, Mary Beth Wilson

Marauder's Map, Alex Hauptmann

Navity, Nahom Beyene

PHRQL, Paul Sandberg

Piecemaker Technologies, Arden Rosenblatt

QoLT, Scott Beach

Rubitection, Sanna Gaspard

SparkMeter, Daniel Schnitzer, Mitch Turck

And others...stay tuned for more information.


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