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About the CIE

In the fall of 2012, the Carnegie Mellon Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) was created to strengthen the already bustling culture of innovation that exists at Carnegie Mellon and to accelerate the commercialization of university research and innovative ideas. In synergistically combining the proven strengths of Project Olympus with those of the Don Jones Center, the new center enables the sharing of resources, bringing together a broad range of educational and experiential activities focused on innovation and entrepreneurship-a "one-stop shop" for CMU faculty, students, staff, and alumni.

Being centralized allows us to help our constituents to plug into the innovation ecosystem. Moreover, the partnership between Project Olympus and the Don Jones Center facilitates better coordination and connections between individuals with scientific and technical expertise and those with business acumen and training. Finally, the faculty Co-directors Lenore Blum, Distinguished Career Professor of Computer Science and Founding Director of Project Olympus, and David Mawhinney, Assistant Teaching Professor of Business and Executive Director of the Don Jones Center, are closest to the faculty research emerging from Carnegie Mellon and to the entrepreneurship on campus, a position that makes them the ideal leaders for directing projects and responding to campus needs.

Our mission is threefold:

  1. Defining CMU as the "destination of choice" for all individuals–faculty, staff, and students–interested in entrepreneurship
  2. Fostering an "inside-out" approach of creating winning commercial ventures from cutting-edge research and ingenious ideas for the benefit of society.
  3. Developing an extensive, vibrant network of alumni entrepreneurs

by the numbers

Ranking of Carnegie Mellon's entrepreneurship program by Businessweek
Number of CMU startups acquired within the last decade by companies such as Cisco, Google, IBM, LinkedIn,  Boeing, Home Depot and Turnitin

Number of CMU alumni startups seeded by the Open Field Entrepreneurs' Fund

Amount of follow-on funding ($M) received by Olympus PROBEs in the past 6 years

Number of Olympus PROBEs from various colleges, of which 104 turned into companies (81 student and 23 faculty).
Number of companies emerging from CMU within the past 15 years
Amount of funding ($M) that CMU companies have attracted overall during the past decade