Carnegie Mellon University

Past ULS Events

Explore a few of the ULS events that connected the world's top innovative minds with the university community:

04/11/2018 - Andy van Dam and Jeanne VanBriesen | The Importance of Mentoring to Graduate Student Success Panel Discussion: Part of the Yearlong Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture | University Lecture Series

03/22/2018 - Holly Lewis | The Politics of Everybody: Feminism, Queer Theory and Marxism at the Intersection | Co-Sponsored with The Humanities Center

03/08/2018 - Bror Saxberg | Learning Engineering: The Art of Applying Learning Science at ScaleSimon Initiative Distinguished Lecture

02/14/2018 - Anne Applebaum | Red Famine: Stalin's War on the Ukraine - and Why It Still Matters | Co-Sponsored with the Center for International Relations and Politics and the Office of the President

02/09/2018 - Jeremy Hunter | Transforming Results from the Inside Out: A Manager’s Guide to Mindful Action | Co-Sponsored with Student Affairs Wellness Initiative

01/31/2018 - Jennifer Doudna | CRISPR Systems: Nature's Toolkit for Genome Editing Dickson Prize Lecture

11/16/2017 - Philip Nash | On the Brink: Coming Close to Nuclear War | Co-Sponsored with The Humanities Scholar Program

11/08/2017 - Zak Ebrahim | The Terrorist's Son: A Story of Choice | Co-Sponsored with the Division of Student Affairs and Center for Diversity and Inclusion

11/02/2017 - Jennifer Epps-Addison | Building Communities of Power and Resistance in the Age of Trump | Co-Sponsored with The Humanities Center

10/26/2017 - Nina Rappaport | The Vertical Factory | Co-Sponsored with The School of Architecture

10/11/2017 - Celebrating the Last Lecture: A Panel Discussion | University Lecture Series

04/17/17 - Carlos Moedas | Future-proofing our Educational System in a Global Age | President's Distinguished Lecturer Series

04/10/17 - Mark Johnson | Atoms, Watts and Bytes: Emerging Scientific Covergence in Advanced Manufacturing | Science, Technology and Policy Forum

02/23/17 - Eugenia Cheng | How to Bake Pi: Mathematics Made Tasty | The Department of Philosophy and the University Lecture Series

04/27/16 - Fay Lomax Cook | Opportunities and Challenges in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences | Science, Technology and Policy Forum 

03/28/16 - Susan Athey | The Impact of the Internet on the News Media | Science, Technology and Policy Forum 

02/25/16 - Harvey Fineberg | Technology, Information and Learning: Medical Education for the Sake of Patients Simon Initiative Distinguished Lecture Series