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Past ULS Events

Explore a few of the ULS events that connected the world's top innovative minds with the university community:

03/08/2018 - Bror Saxberg | Learning Engineering: The Art of Applying Learning Science at ScaleSimon Initiative Distinguished Lecture

01/31/2018 - Jennifer Doudna | CRISPR Systems: Nature's Toolkit for Genome Editing Dickson Prize Lecture

04/18/17 - Jean-Pierre Bourguignon | Scientists, Power and the Power of Scientists | Simon Initiative Distinguished Lecture

04/17/17 - Carlos Moedas | Future-proofing our Educational System in a Global Age | President's Distinguished Lecturer Series

04/10/17 - Mark Johnson | Atoms, Watts and Bytes: Emerging Scientific Covergence in Advanced Manufacturing | Science, Technology and Policy Forum

04/05/17 - Val Jensen | Designing the Utility of the Future | Scott Institute Distinguished Lecture 

03/30/17 - Vishwas Prabhakara | What They Don't Want You to Know | James R. Swartz Leadership Series and the Dietrich Entrepreneur Speaker Series

03/08/17 - Gerald E. Loeb, M.D. | Understanding Human Haptics by Building Robotic Systems | Victor M. Bearg BrainHub Speaker Series

03/07/17 - Stacey Olson | Energy Insights and Career Reflections | Scott Institute Distinguished Lecture 

02/23/16 - Eugenia Cheng | How to Bake Pi: Mathematics Made Tasty | The Department of Philosophy and the University Lecture Series

02/16/17 - Philip Mezey | Energy & Water: Powering the Modern City | Scott Institute Distinguished Lecture

11/11/16 - Joseph Hezir | DOE Strategy to Advance U.S. Clean Energy Technology InnovationScott Institute Distinguished Lecture 

11/09/16 - Thomas Siebel | Internet of Things: Unwrapping the Myth | Scott Institute Distinguished Lecture 

10/19/16 - Christopher Smith | COP 21 and the Future of Fossil Energy | Scott Institute Distinguished Lecture 

09/22/16 - Susan Gregg Koger | ModCloth | James R. Swartz Entrepreneurial Speaker Series 

04/27/16 - Fay Lomax Cook | Opportunities and Challenges in the Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences | Science, Technology and Policy Forum 

03/28/16 - Susan Athey | The Impact of the Internet on the News Media | Science, Technology and Policy Forum 

02/25/16 - Harvey Fineberg | Technology, Information and Learning: Medical Education for the Sake of Patients Simon Initiative Distinguished Lecture Series 


Vishwas Prabhakara
Swartz Leadership & Dietrich Series
April 5, 2017

Stacey Olson
Scott Institute for Energy Innovation Distinguished Lecture
March 7, 2017