Carnegie Mellon University


A transportation research institute of Carnegie Mellon University


Our Vision

With seed funding from the Henry L. Hillman Foundation, Traffic21 was established in 2010 at Carnegie Mellon University to fuel the smart transportation sector through groundbreaking research and technological developments. Traffic21 aims to research, develop and deploy intelligent transportation systems for the twenty-first century and beyond. Our community partnership with the Pittsburgh region has provided a testbed for local and global solutions in the transportation sector.

Building on more than 150 years of innovation in southwestern Pennsylvania’s transportation infrastructure, Traffic21 has focused on the integration of smart mobility solutions, which embrace safety, sustainability, resiliency, and efficiency. Our research strives to attract new industry to the region, bolster the economy, and promote equity and accessibility in transportation.

Our Team

Faculty Director


Chris Hendrickson

Hamerschlag University Professor Emeritus, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Executive Director


Karen Lightman 

Program Manager


Chandani Sharma