Carnegie Mellon University

Mankirat Kaur (MK) Bajwa (MSPM 2021)

Product Manager 2

What do you enjoy most about your career?

I love solving problems in my personal life for myself or friends or family. I enjoy that I can potentially solve problems for users of the product as a PM.

What are the top skills required to be successful in this field?

Attention to detail. Influence.

How has the MSPM program helped you in your career?

Different courses forced me to work in teams with people from diverse backgrounds, especially in HCI courses. It helped me in learning things from a different perspective.

Also as I now work in the industry as a PM, I realize how useful it was to touch upon all different design, tech, and business concepts in courses to give an overall hands-on experience of what a PM is expected to do.

What is your advice to those currently enrolled in the program?

As a PM you have many different routes and you can be tech/growth/platfrom PM. Know the kind of PM you want to be as early as you can and work towards it.