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We are developing a multi-attribute decision making tool to assist communities is making complex choices about our to expend the limited resources of time and money.  The tools is developed in 2 parts.  The first part (Property Profile) helps to build an inventory that allows decision makers to select properties based on certain criteria such as size, environmental conditions, and the demographics of the neighborhood.  The second part (Site Attribute Questionnaire) allows for the collection of more specific data on properties which have been targeted as the most appropriate to the mission and the most catalytic with respect to local development.

Pennsylvania Downtown Center's (PDC) Property Profile

- used in Activity 3. Profiles were completed by Main and Elm Street Managers, to determine properties that were abandoned, blighted, and/or underutilized within their respective community.

Site Attribute Questionnaire

- used in Activity 3. A local non-profit revitalization organization, instead of a municipal officer or owner, completed the questionnaire to minimize bias. Responses were scored based on a 'Key', and used to develop 'weights' for indicator categories for the MADM tool.

Brownfield Greenfield Impact Estimation

The objective of this tool is to compare benefits and costs of brownfield and greenfield residential developments through analyzing greenhouse gas emissions, energy impacts and cost savings associated with site preparation, housing construction and housing 'operations' based on the travel behavior and utility usage of the residents.