Carnegie Mellon University

Pre-Law Advising Program

The Pre-Law Advising Program has three focal points, each of which corresponds to the common sequence of phases for those who develop an interest in and ultimately apply to law school.

  1. Exploration: "I have a tentative interest in law, but have not definitely decided to apply to law school." 
    • What do lawyers do?
    • What role(s) does law play in our society, economy and world?
    • What is law school like? How is it different from college?
    • What is the range of law school options?
  2. Preparation: "I have definitely decided to apply to law school, but I don't know when I will apply." or, "I am not yet at the point when I will be applying."
    • What options and opportunities in and out of school are available and recommend to prepare for applying to law school?
    • What could, or should, I be doing now, and in the time leading up to actually applying to law school?
  3. Application: "I have definitely decided to apply to law school, and now is the time when I intend to apply."
    • What does the application process entail?
    • What are the components of a law school application?
    • How do I finance the costs of law school?

Facts & Figures

In One Recent Academic Year,

Of All CMU Law School Applicants:


Were Undergraduate Seniors


Were CMU Alumni

Of the CMU Alumni Applicants:


Graduated From CMU Less Than Three Years Earlier


Graduated From CMU More Than Three Years Earlier