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reu-2019.jpgJuly 05, 2019
Program Prepares New Generation of Researchers
A unique opportunity at Carnegie Mellon University is connecting undergraduate students from underrepresented groups with graduate school training.

Colloquium Series

This series brings prominent educational researchers to Carnegie Mellon for a two day period. The goal is to provide opportunities for trainees to benefit from in-depth interactions with diverse role models in the learning sciences field. Unlike the “typical” visit, in which much of the visitor’s schedule is devoted to one-on-one meetings with faculty from the host department, these visits are intensely student-oriented, with almost all of the visitor’s time spent meeting with small groups of PIER students on a wide variety of issues from research, to the state of the art, to personal history and career paths, to specific scientific topics. In addition, visitors generally give one main colloquium talk and two lunchtime talks audiences drawn from the broad Pittsburgh educational research community. Below you will find a listing of the PIER colloquium speakers. A full listing of past speakers is also available.

  • Sidney D'Mello, University of Colorado
  • Nell O'Rouke, Northwestern University
  • Martha Alibali, University of Wisconsin
  • Percival Matthews, University of Wisconsin
  • Dan Schartz, Stanford University
  • Valerie Shute, Florida State University

EdBag Seminar

EdBag is a PIER brown bag series on educational research from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Generally, meetings are held every other Tuesday but watch for special added events. We meet from noon to 1:20 in room Gates Hillman Center (GHC) 4405 (unless otherwise noted). All are welcome to attend!

Other PIER related Events

The Inaugural Meeting and Symposium of the Global Learning Council was held September 4-5, 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA and was hosted by Carnegie Mellon University, in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh.

Information about the Simon Initiative "Exploring the mystery & potential of human learning" can be found here

PIER is supported by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) in the U.S. Department of Education. PIER is one of several Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Training Programs supported by IES.