Carnegie Mellon University
September 05, 2018

Join the Conversation

By William Alba

An opportunity for Osher Students to join in the conversation with CMU Students…

To support their residential education, Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students have an opportunity each week to discuss "Big Questions" (BQ) in their dormitory lounges. In "Big Questions", students discuss issues with each other, staff, and faculty. Recent topics have included what it means to grow up and how language affects the way we think. The goals of BQ include increasing understanding of personal values and experiences, listening and appreciating the perspectives of others, and engaging in respectful dialogue around questions of meaning.

Discussions are friendly and informal.

CMU dormitory residents along with facilitator Assistant Dean William Alba, would like to invite a handful of Osher participants to their "Big Questions" sessions, which will generally take place on Mondays starting at 4:30pm.  The discussions typically last for about an hour and are student focused. This is an opportunity to interact with students concerning their "Big Questions." If you are interested in participating, please register for the "Big Questions" CourseID:2777.

How it works...

Dr. Alba will send a limited number of course participants an invitation each week to the next conversation. Please understand that we will be able to accommodate only a few participants to each discussion in order to keep the group size manageable and to enable students to remain at the front of the conversation.  If/when you receive an invitation, it will be important for you to respond back immediately as to whether you will accept the invitation or not.  The location will be on the CMU campus.